Guild: Soldiers of Impurity

Total Level
Average Level
Total Members
Rank Name Vocation Status
the Leader Shatter [A. Level: 817] Corrupted Death Knight (Dark Knight) Offline
General Lord Mike [A. Level: 1227] Corrupted Death Knight (Dark Knight) Offline
General Lady Moyita [A. Level: 811] Expert Tamer (Beastmaster) Offline
General Side Bitch [A. Level: 660] Marauder Corsair (Demolitionist) Offline
soldier Mika [A. Level: 721] Grandmaster Sorcerer (Pyromancer) Offline
soldier Gwardian [A. Level: 582] Noble Guardian (Holy) Offline
soldier Domadora [A. Level: 568] Expert Tamer (Beastmaster) Offline
soldier Hellish Demon [A. Level: 214] Corrupted Death Knight (Dark Knight) Offline
soldier Eskabim [A. Level: 471] Lone Gunslinger (Trickster) Offline
soldier Yuip [A. Level: 142] Fierce Berserker (Rage) Offline
soldier Kira [A. Level: 357] Noble Guardian (Holy) Offline
soldier Skabim [A. Level: 443] Noble Guardian (Holy) Offline
soldier Namorado Do Cerqs [A. Level: 687] Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist) Offline
soldier Dai Vernon [A. Level: 107] Dreadful Necromancer (Witch) Online
soldier Encantador De Anoes [A. Level: 770] Dexterous Samurai (Ronin) Offline
soldier Cerquim [A. Level: 87] Exotic Archer (Flurry) Offline
soldier Inbroxable [A. Level: 550] Exotic Archer (Flurry) Offline
soldier Midfang [A. Level: 544] Corrupted Death Knight (Dark Knight) Offline
soldier Sujiru Kifujah [A. Level: 586] Marauder Corsair (Gambler) Offline
soldier Beltenebro [A. Level: 1508] Marauder Corsair (Demolitionist) Online
soldier Hide [A. Level: 753] Marauder Corsair (Demolitionist) Offline
soldier Gruffntuff [A. Level: 975] Marauder Corsair (Demolitionist) Offline
soldier Keres [A. Level: 1070] Dexterous Samurai (Ronin) Offline
soldier Bardo De Roble [A. Level: 687] Dexterous Samurai (Ronin) Offline
soldier Lyan [A. Level: 1212] Exotic Archer (Flurry) Offline

Invited Characters

Myster Amandinha