Patch Notes January 12th 2022

12 January 2022 (18:26) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes January 12th 2022 

Fixes & Changes

- Equipments will now be unequipped in case they are not allowed to be equipped. The equipments will go to the player backpack or to the inbox and the player will be notified if/when that occurs.

- Fixed Gunslinger clones still hitting even when disarmed.

- Fixed an issue in combat that could cause a crash.

- Fixed an issue where animated text was not being shown on the correct dimension in some cases.


- Fixed The Executor NPC reseting the dialog when the player denies a task/quest.

- Olympus Weapons quest line will now only be triggered on the NPCs if player's vocation is compatible.

- Upon equipping an item with an Olympus Bonus which is already being used by any other equipment and they don't stack, the player will receive a message saying so.

- Fixed an issue where players were being teleported to the lever position on the West Quest of Council of Marius, being able to get stuck.

- We have done a large rework on the Gunslinger clone system - This is to solve some underlying lag issues that Gunslingers are causing (especially in the last week as many have noticed) 

- Clones now stack with each other up to 4 times;

- Clone attacks will be increased according to the amount of clones;

- You can have up to 3 stacks of clones (each having 4 clones) having a total of 12 clones (which is the same amount it currently has).

- Their combat calls will be joined in order to save performance, so instead of dealing a hit for each clone, it will now join all clones hits into a single one, so in practical terms, you will only be able to see 2 server log entries, the player hit and the clones hit (which will be the sum of all the clone attacks together).


New post-Olympus Dimensional Hunts

- All the new hunts are situated on the spawns of cherry blossom village;

- Each spawn has it's own unique pro's and con's, some giving more experience, others more loot. Some of the spawns are intended to be easier mobs due to its high density and others have higher amounts of health for an increased combat time, but these spawns also give more experience.

- One of the spawns added is a 3-players party hunt, which will offer stronger mobs and but also better rewards.

- In these hunts the drop chance of Olympus Amulet and Olympus Ring are up to 25% higher.


New Things Coming

One is we are improving the report & suggestion in-game function to allow for better tracked feedback, instead of discord DMs/mentions being lost or forgotten. Instead all will be documented and tracked on our teams Trello to make sure none are lost or forgotten.

We are also adding an in-game voting system that will also reward those who vote. We have certain limitations in place to avoid abuse of these rewards. This will allow the community to better give their input on design changes we are looking to do or new things to implement. We have done that now with the Ildar / Dracona Merge, the Prestige System, as well as the Christmas Items for Coins. 

Having these kind of polls is very valuable to us to hear from the entire community, not just those who speak the loudest/type in all caps. Once fully implemented, our plan is to greenlight ideas that we receive in the in-game suggestion system, and by greenlighting them they will be added as a poll option to be voted on by the community, giving the community more input on future development ideas and changes.

Patch Notes January 3rd 2022

04 January 2022 (05:54) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes January 3rd 2022 

We plan for this patch to go live around 9:00am-10:00am Pacific Time - We will update you all in the morning in the discord on the exact time.



- Fixed an issue where players weren't able to upgrade the Olympus Amulet/Ring.

- Fixed an issue where Olympus Amulet/Ring's effects weren't properly loading on reboot.

- Fixed an issue where Hydra's quest cooldown wouldn't reset on daily rollover.

- Added Soulbound Removing Token, with the ability to unsoulbind the Santa Backpack & Christmas Table Furniture, as well as fixed an issue where it was allowing a stack of items to be targetted.

- Changed the enchantment description on grips that no longer have the enchanter Olympus bonus.

- Improved the Samurai's Butterfly logic to only consider positions that it can spawn, no longer being unavailable on the map for a long period of time.

- Casino has been enabled.

- Added 5 new dimensional hunts (on Cherry Blossom Village) that can be acessed after killing Hydra, they are much stronger and also have a 25% higher chance of dropping Olympus Amulet and Ring.

- Fixed an issue that prevented some monster spells not to be loaded correctly (up to 200 monsters were affected - this will make some monsters feel stronger... this is a warning, take things slow).

- Disabled hoping into dimensional hunts after attacking another player.

- Added arcane rambler and death knight outfit to cosmetic npc.

- Team Boss Arena gathering requirements from 120 to 100.

- Team Boss Arena Power changed from 7.5k to 6k.

- Angel loot slimes now scale like regular summons, based on the master

- Heaven and Hell monsters have had their loot slime tier increased.

   - Fixed medusa envenom poison killing players on depot.

We will also be adding the Santa Backpack & Christmas Table Furniture as directly purchasable rewards in the next couple days, but we wanted to get this patch out sooner.


Catch-Up Mechanics Enabled!

For new, returning or lower level players, you will now benefit from not only faster experience rates, but also additional bonus rewards from completing dungeons! 

Because of this, the awakening requirements for LAT's (to avoid MC abuse) will be increased from 250+ / 500+ > 750+ / 1000+. 



Misc Balances

- Increased the effectiveness of Vitality stat from 0.2 to 0.21 on Tamer, Rogue, Berserker, Monk, Samurai, and Corsair.

- Increased the effectiveness of Vitality stat from 0.2 to 0.22 on Archer Gunslinger, Necromancer.

- Increased the summon damage for Necro and Tamer and Bluecoats by 10% in pve and 10% more in pvp.

- Warcry buff spell damage by 20% decrease CD from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

- Now players will received +1 of their primary skill for every 5 awakening levels they have. This is to universally buff skill heavy classes.


Death Knight

- Blood worm guaranteed effect - Increased the bleeding duration from 3 to 6 seconds but reduce the damage from 5% to 2.5%

- Blood worm contaminate effect - Reduced the base to do 0.8% of max hp - each spell point added in will increase the damage by 0.8% as well. At 15/15 it will yield 12% damage.

- Death Lasso - Removed taunt off base spell add taunt to Hogtie effect

- Death threat - Removed the taunt on the base spell add taunt to Rile effect

- Blood Rush - Infectious Blood effect - instead of flat 5% it's now 0.4% per point

- Soul Rune damage reduced by 25%

- Death lasso - Can't work on the same target from all DK's more than once per 3 seconds. 



- Increased ravenous fiend aoe spell chance by 50% of its previous value

- Pre-awakened / non conjurer summons damage buffed by 20%

- Gathering Fear Marked effect now works with Witches Hourglass as well

- Lich form will no longer change outfit.

- Changed Shadowform's wave spell to be a small area circle around the target.

- Fire skulls CD increased from 12 > 15 seconds

- Decreased fire skull maximum range from 20 to 10 tiles

- Reduce Witchs cauldron base damage by 15%



- Buffed Strong spinning blades by 15%, Relentless Rage by 15%, and spinning blades by 15%

- Removed resistance debuff on the spell "Enrage"

- Increased healing of Savagery from 2% to 3% max hp and standoff from 4% to 5% max hp

- Increased damage of precision throw by 15% increase CD from 5 to 6 seconds

- Increased auto attack damage by 10%



- Auto attack Arcane staff effect - Reduced healing base to 1.2% from the currect 2% this will scale to 2.1% at 15/15.



- Reduced runemastery scaling from it by 40%

- Lullaby - aggression effect - increased damage scaling by 30%

- Vibrating notes Music power - increased the damage by 2% per point invested (on top of the duration increase they already get from base points)

- Final note increased cd from 10s to 15s

- Reduced music strike and final note damage by 15%

- Music strike and final note sticky bomb effect - bounce range increase from 2 to 3 sqm



- Increased all tiers of soul rune dmg by 15%

- Increased base auto attack damage by 10%

- Fixed scaling on auto attack - stab effect, where it was scaling off arcane



- Increase base auto attack damage by 5%

- Base attack speed increased by 25%



   - Increased the speed of summons by 20%

   - Increased summons resistenace by 20%

   - Increased summons damage by 10%



   - Buffed spell damage and auto attacks by 15%



   - Fixed Call the Militia spell not scaling with awakening points;

   - Fixed Card Discipline awakening effect from Call the Militia spell to proper trigger the random cards;

   - Increased Explosive Shot's damage by 20%;

   - Fixed hell artifact not scaling with Cannon Barrage awakening points;

   - Fixed Cannon Barrage hell artifact formula to be similar to the normal damage doing 90% of the normal spell damage distributed between 5 rounds;

   - Increased Gauss Barrel damage by 50%;



  - Buffed spell damage by 15%;

   - Buffed attack speed by 10%;

   - Increased damage dealt on Yaten Blade's Wide Cut awakening effect from 50% of the normal attack to 75% of the normal attack;

   - Reduced cooldown of Last Stand from 60s to 40s;



   - Reduced ultimate challenge damage by 25%;

   - Increased sunfire damage by 20%;

   - Increased healing from flash heal by 10%;

   - Increased healing from holy flash by 15%;

   - Removed protective stance spell;

   - Inserted older skill buff from protective stance inside shield haste spell;

   - Added shield haste auto-cast option on the quick buttons;



   - Buffed Heal Friend spell to heal 2% of target's max health instead of 1.2% and increase overall parameters by 20%;

   - Frost Grenade and Azur Wave no longer share cooldown;


Christmas Token Event!

22 December 2021 (19:19) by Archlight Team

We have an exciting new event starting After Todays Patch - which will be in 40 Minutes

We will be giving out over $1000 in coins to the top 10 Christmas Token earners, starting today and will be tracked until the 31st!

Tracking can be found on the abaldar website under Power Rank / PvP Honor section!