Christmas Event

20 December 2021 (16:45) by Archlight Team

Christmas Events & Quest Line  

Available from December 20th > 31st

Today's patch will bring a full christmas quest line available for all Archlighters to partake in! This can be accessed from the green portal in the depot.  

By completing this questline, you will become a citizen of Santa's town! 

By becoming a citizen you will receive 4 free things!

An Elf Backpack 

+3% Resistance, +3% Base Health/Mana Regen


Tray of Cookies and Milk

Potion/Rune Relic - Increasing the regen from potions/runes by 10%


Reindeer Companion 

+2 to all stats


Christmas Knight Outfit

Also this year, you will be able to get multiple free cosmetics by common daily gameplay!

Complete 15 Dungeons to unlock a free Red Sled Mount - Cosmetic Only

Contribute to 3 World Bosses to unlock a free Blue Sled Mount - Cosmetic Only

Complete Any 10 Story Quests to unlock a free Santa Immortal - Cosmetic Only


This year we also have a new event for everyone in addition to our Christmas Questline!


When you are killing creatures, there is a chance of dropping a Christmas Portal, by entering the portal you are sent to a North Polified alternate reality of your current location. When you join a Christmas Event, you will enter as either Santa or the Grinch! As Santa, you will save the presents, as the Grinch, you will destroy them! Regardless of Santa or Grinch, you will have 30 seconds to find as many hidden presents, gifts and christmas themed items as possible! Based on the amount of things you find, you will be rewarded Christmas Tokens!

Additionally, Dungeons AND Quests will all have an additional drop for the Christmas Season! Dungeon boxes will now also drop 2 candy canes (+5 energy when eaten) AND a christmas token this Christmas Season! 

Christmas Tokens can be turned in at the North Pole for free Christmas Presents!

Additionally, you can also obtain Large Christmas Presents for Coins in the Archlight Store during the Christmas Event, while they have the exact same drop chance as Christmas Presents, they will give 2 rewards instead of 1. The color of the present does not change the rewards.

Christmas Present rewards can also all be rewrapped if you do not like the reward! If you don't like a reward you get, you can simply take it to the Johnny the Wrapper and sell it for wrapping paper, to wrap a new present to open! 

This year there will be several new Christmas Items available, however also many Christmassy Classics! None of these cosmetics yield their previous passive bonuses on Abaldar, so if you are not interested in the cosmetic itself, they can be rewrapped for a hefty amount of new presents!

Some items have also had their rarity changed from last Christmas Event (Such as Santa Hat now being Rare instead of Very Rare).


Christmas Presents can contain any of the following items

Christmas Bed (Ultra Rare)

This bed kit will store up to 480 Energy, with a regeneration rate of 20 Energy Per Hour.


Santa Backpack (Ultra Rare)

6% Cooldown Reduction & +25 Skills - This backpack like Craftsman Backpacks can be used any slot and still benefit from the backpack. However only 1 can be used.


Christmas Table Furniture (Ultra Rare)

+10 Stats for 23 Hours. 

You get to choose 1 of 2 styles for your Christmas Table! However, only can only benefit from the buff once.


Christmas Snorlax Companion (Ultra Rare)


Christmas Yeti Mount (Ultra Rare)


Present Wings (Very Rare)


Christmas Wings (Very Rare) 


Snowman Companion (Very Rare)


Blue Cape Snowman Mount (Very Rare)


Red Scarf Snowman Mount (Very Rare)


Santa Snowman Mount (Very Rare)


Santa Hat (Rare)

Provides user with 50 Energy every 23 hours.


Santa Doll (Rare)

7% Resistance Trinket


Grinch Companion (Rare)


Christmas Presents Furniture (Semi-Rare)

+4 Stats for 23 Hours. This can be used for multiple stat categories.


Small Christmas Tree (Semi-Uncommon)

5 Small Christmas Trees can be exchanged for 1 Medium Christmas Tree at the Woodcutting Profession Station. 5 Medium Christmas Tree's can be exchanged for 1 Large Christmas Tree.

Small Christmas Tree - +20 Skill Value for 23 hours.

Medium Christmas Tree - +40 Skill Value for 23 hours.

Large Christmas Tree - +75 Skill Value for 23 hours.

These bonuses do not stack


Leaf Golem Santa (Semi-Uncommon)

Frazzlemaw Santa (Semi-Uncommon)

Snow Flake Tapestry (Uncommon)

Christmas Cookie Tray (Uncommon)

Gives 50 Energy when consumed


Christmas Tree (Uncommon)

Christmas Wreath (Uncommon)

Christmas Card (Common)

Blue Christmas Garland (Common)

Red Christmas Garland (Common)

Green Christmas Garland (Common)

Christmas Branch (Common)

Gingerbread (Common)

Gives 20 Energy when consumed


Lastly... You can also get the new Seasonal Santa Pikachu Companion for free by obtaining all 3 christmas snowmen mounts! 


The Christmas Update will happen on Ildar & Dracona as well, however, the North Pole Portals will not as those servers do not currently have support for our dimensions system.

Record Breaking Launch!

09 December 2021 (16:02) by Archlight Team

This has been an absolutely crazy week for our team!

Record after record is being broken for Archlight, hitting over 700 concurrent players now and multiples higher total daily players!

We're very excited about all the things to come for Abaldar. Additionally, it has caught the attention of several new streamers coming to play Abaldar as well! & will be joining in on the action, as well as a few others!

We're also working on a deal with Otservlist for a Big Christmas Campaign to further outreach Abaldar!

Additional Abaldar Notes!

30 November 2021 (00:26) by Archlight Team

General Info

Launch Time - 9:00am Pacific Time (1:00 Brazil Time) (18:00 CET)

We will be opening Abaldar 1 hour early at 8:00am Pacific Time already, this allows players to login and set up their characters, hotkeys & more. You will not be able to leave the temple until 9:00am Pacific Time however, that's when the official launch is!

Guild Halls will be enabled and distributed the first weekend after launch weekend not on launch weekend. To confirm this is Sunday December 12th, at 9:00pm Pacific Time.

Solo quests will unlock 3 days after the first teams completion. 


Guild Capacity Increased to 50!

The hype and attention of Abaldar has been quite significant, with that many old Archlight players are returning and many new people have already joined the waitlist for Abaldar. Because of this, the demand for larger guilds will be far more significant than past Dracona & Ildar seasons, so with that we have decided to increase the max capacity a guild can have from 35 members to 50. This will require unlocking additional member slots (they will get expensive, but the perks shared amongst 50 members will be far worth it).


Siege Changes

The first Guild Siege will take place on Saturday December 11th, 2021

Bidding opens on Saturday evening December 4th, 2021

Sieges will require at least 5 players from your team to be in the waiting area to start. If you do not have 5 players during the event or when the event begins your team will forfeit and you will not be refunded your guild bid. Do not message staff if your team loses by forfeit in this manner Staff will not answer to these matters, it is between you and your team.

If you are afk in Siege for more than 2 minutes in a graveyard, you will be kicked out of the event and forfeit your rewards. You may speak to your Guild/Guild leader for a cut of the placement rewards if they wish to pay you out. Staff will not answer to these matters, it is between you and your team.

Players will now respawn in a random graveyard instead of the nearest to help avoid camping.

Disabled Magic Wall /Wild Growth /Bomb type runes /Wall type runes /Field type runes within 10 tiles of distance from a graveyard to avoid player spawn camping and needing to be policed and lighten staff demand.

Respawn Rate has been reduced from 30s > 15s


Samurai Additional Balances

Soul rune - Removed the dashing at your target effect of the rune. In regards to effects like Impulse where distance traveled impacted damage. It is now Distance from the target. Range of soul rune is capped to 4 sqm.


Gunslinger Additional Balances

Clones will not interfere with the casters being pushed or magic walls being shot on their spots.


Sorcerer Additional Balances

Destruction Guaranteed effect - Fixed an issue with the burning over time not working as stated. It will now hit once every 0.5 seconds for 5 rounds instead of every 0.2. Damage has been adjusted to merge together the DPS into the less frequent but now larger hits.  

Destruction Afterburn effect - Hits every second, for 10 seconds, damage has been increased from +10% to +20% per hit.  


Necromancer Additional Balances

Clarified description of Underling to state that after a 1 second delay it will run to the target to explode.  


Summoner Classes

Summon scaling has been slightly revamped, Strength and Arcane will now scale at 100% instead of 75%, additionally, restoration stat increased from 40% to 75%. 

Health scaling of summons based on the summoner's vitality stat has been increased by 20%.