Changelog 06/10/2023

06 October 2023 (16:31) by Archlight Team

Based off the polls results, Prestiged players will now receive catch-up experience, here's how it will work: If the player's prestige level is equal or below 1/4 of the top prestige player, they will receive 150% of experience bonus. For example, if the top prestige player is Prestige Level 20, players that are 5 or less Prestige Level will receive the experience boost. This experience boost will no longer be applied when the player reaches the Awakening Level requirement to prestige. In this example, a player needs to be Awakening Level 1025 to prestige from level 5 to 6. Once they reach Awakening Level 1025, they will no longer benefit from the bonus.

The entire Stronghold is now Protection Zone.

The Autumn's Event map is now no-logout zone.


Balancement Changes

[Artifact Effect] Fixed an issue where Cold Hit from Druid was not working properly.

[Artifact Effect] Fixed an issue where Toxin from Samurai was not working properly.



Arrow Volley base damage reduced from 118 to 100.

Skyfall base damage reduced from 259 to 220.

Quad Shot base damage reduced from 315 to 268.



Cannon Barrage base damage increased from 80 to 88.

Napalm base damage increased from 250 to 275.

Hell Artifact - Moscow Mule [Tier 2]: Increased the overall damage bonus from 5% to 10%.



Replaced the effect of Holy Explosion [Heaven Artifact - Tier 3] to: Enemies hit by Holy Retribution receive 5% more damage for 5 seconds.

Replaced the effect of Bouncy Shock [Hell Artifact - Tier 3] to: Enemies hit by Holy Retribution deal 5% less damage for 5 seconds.



Flaming Back Kick base damage increased from 227 to 250.

Electric Back Kick base damage increased from 227 to 250.

Updated the effect of Hell Artifact - Inspiration [Tier 1]: Channel Spirit overall damage increased from 5% to 10%.

Replaced Heaven Artifact - Practice [Tier 1] to: Channel Spirit grants +5% overall damage for 30 seconds.



Mind Seizure base damage increased from 197 to 217.

Witchs Cauldron base damage increased from 129 to 148.



Forgotten Soul Rune - Guaranteed Awakening Effect: Base damage increased from 220 to 253.

Forgotten Soul Rune no longer summons a clone.

Anniversary Event & Autumn Event - Patch Notes

29 September 2023 (16:30) by Archlight Team

8th Anniversary Celebration - 2023

It's that time of the year again – Archlights is turning 8, and we're pulling out all the stops to make this Anniversary Event bigger and better! Get ready for loads of fun and exciting rewards!

The classic "cake eating" event is back, with a twist! Join in, open boxes, and snag the amazing 8th-anniversary backpack [15 attack power,+3% of experience to the entire party, This item stacks per party member carrying it. In case you're not in a party, the experience bonus will be +5%. The experience increase does affect Experience Monster Essences].


As you defeat monsters, watch out for "cake essence" drops. Just type "!cake" to collect them (up to 5 charges). Then, head to a safe zone, type "!cake event," and participate in the Cake Eating Event. Enjoy your cake to summon Anniversary Monsters, who drop valuable cake boxes!

During the Anniversary Event, take part in regular events (like TDM, Bombs, Firestorm, and more) to earn Anniversary Cupcakes. Visit the Anniversary Island and exchange them with Toby for great rewards. The better you perform in events, the more Anniversary Cupcakes you'll receive!

Keep an eye out, as there's a chance that every creature you defeat will drop Anniversary Cupcakes.

While hunting creatures, you might summon an "anniversary monster." Don't worry, they won't attack unless provoked. They behave like Loot Slimes and have health equal to 10% of their killer's maximum health or mana.

Join us for our 8th Anniversary Bash, and let's make this event truly memorable


Anniversary Demon



Anniversary Dragon



Anniversary Spider

Killing these creatures will reward the player with the following possible loot:


Anniversary Cupcakes


Fireworks - Celebration effects!



Cake Box



Deluxe Cake Box



Nordic Chieftain Outfits [Very Rare]



Orc's Jaw Shredder

7% additional mana/health regeneration


Goblin's Trick-or-Treat Bag

When used, this bag provides a random autumn event item that can be purchased from Vini.


There's also a rare chance of spawning a Pinata, which besides having the loot table from the regular Anniversary Monsters, also has a chance of dropping the following items:


Extravagant Cake Box



Tearesa [all stats +2] [Rare]


Bottle of Champagne [2% resistance] [Rare]



Forbidden Fruit [+1 to stats, Ultra Rare] - it stacks up to 25


Shannon The Trader

Anniversary Cupcakes - 1 LAT for 100 Anniversary Cupcakes


Deluxe Box - 1 LAT for 25 Deluxe Boxes


Falcon Pet [Furniture] - 2 LAT

Grants 15% profession/gathering experience for 23 hours.


Vengothic Kit [Furniture] - 2 LAT

+15% Dark Matter drop chance

+15% Monster Essence find


Stuffed Dragon [Furniture] - 3 LAT

10% gold from all sources (essences, dropped, loot sold).

15% bonus PVP honor (counts for achievements)

5% chance of extra bonus boxes from dungeons and quests. This works like the feats Treasure Hunter but procs separately, so it doesn't add a chance on top of it, but you may obtain both the Feat and this buff.

Picking this furniture will give you an extra daily reward item that is not soulbound. The item is the same from the daily calendar.


Demon Baller [Furniture] - 6 LATS [Cross-server Heirloom to Legacy - not to Abaldar]

grants +15 attack power and +3 to all stats for 23 hours upon use. It must be placed on a house. This bonus doesn’t stack with multiple furnitures.


Ferumbras Scarecrow Furniture Kit - 6 LATS [Cross-server Heirloom to Legacy - not to Abaldar]

Every 24 hours, 15 Bounty Cards can be claimed by using this item. It must be placed on a house. Multiple furnitures can be used.


Anniversary Cupcakes Shop

Cake Boxes [10 Anniversary Cupcakes]


Racoon Backpack [300 Anniversary Cupcakes]

3% resistance

12 attack power

It works as a relic, not needing to equip it in the first slot for the bonus to be active.


Holy Blossom [500 Anniversary Cupcakes]

Increase slime rewards by 5% and increase chances to get a rare slime.


Knightly Bed Kit [Furniture] [500 Anniversary Cupcakes]

It increases your attack power by 20.


Monster Cupcake Mounts [750 Anniversary Cupcakes] - Heirloom

There are 8 versions of this mount, which players can choose upon using the token.

They do not grant any bonuses.




Autumn’s Event - 2023

As the leaves start to fall and the air turns crisp, Archlights has a new treat in store for you: the Autumn's Event! Get ready for a delightful change of season filled with exciting activities and rewards.

Approach Vini at the portal, express your interest in the Autumn's Event, and he'll guide you to a mystical Wargate-like experience infused with the essence of autumn. In this captivating realm, you'll encounter monsters adorned with the colors of fall.

Your mission is to defeat all the monsters that roam this realm to prove your valor

After clearing your path and taking down every monster, you'll face off against the ultimate challenge: the final boss after that you'll find yourself back in your hometown, clutching your well-earned event currency.

Collect these event tokens, and head back to Vini to exchange them for a range of fantastic Autumn's rewards. From unique items to special surprises, there's something for everyone to enjoy

To enter the autumn event you'll need an entrance ticket, which can be obtained by trading 25 Anniversary Cupcakes with Toby at the Anniversary Island.


Vini's Stock

Autumn's Bounty:

Holding this item doubles the amount of Anniversary Cupcakes dropped by defeating Anniversary monsters.


Pumpkin Spice Elixir:

Upon activation, it increases resistance by 3% permanently for the first time. Subsequent uses grant a fixed bonus of +2% resistance for an hour ,with no stacking allowed.


Maple Syrup Elixir:

Upon activation, it increases overall stats by +4 for the first time. Subsequent uses grant a fixed bonus of +2 stats for an hour, with no stacking allowed.


Harvest Blessing Scroll:

Permanently boosts the player's gathering and crafting experience by 6%. Subsequent uses grant a fixed bonus of an additional 6% for an hour, with no stacking allowed.


Autumnal Arborite:

Consuming this item grants a 5% overall damage increase. It may only be used once.


Golden Dustbin:

increases resistance by +3% and attack power by +10. It may only be used once.


Fall Foliage Token [Cross-server Heirloom to Legacy]

This token grants you the choice of three distinctive variations of the mount, each reflecting the rich hues of the fall season (Dandelion/Peony/Hyacinth)

On Legacy, this cosmetic is Tier 4 Attack Power.



Luminous Halo:

yields a 2% chance to get an extra quest/dungeon box. It may only be used once.


Winged Backpack

The Gold Blessing cost has been lifted. This effect works even if the backpack is not equipped in the main slots.



Berry Blast Grape

This item can be eaten to restore 50 energy.


Grapevine Elixir

This item can be eaten to restore 25 energy.



Provides a 5% increase in health and mana regeneration for 45 minutes. Cooldown: 2 hours.



Temporarily increases experience gain by 35% for 10 minutes. Cooldown: 30 minutes.



Grants a temporary immunity to crowd control effects for 2 minutes. Cooldown: 20 minutes.

Vini also offers an array of exquisite decoration items, each capturing the essence of autumn's beauty. These items, while not providing any gameplay bonuses, will transform your in-game environment into a picturesque autumn wonderland.


Little Big Flower Lamp


Zaoan Bonsai


Zaoan Pot Bamboo




Flowery Grass


Grass Piece


Curly Hortensis Lamp


Pile of Riches


White Fireworks (Fountain)


Orange Fireworks (Fountain)


Blue Fireworks (Fountain)


Firework Machine


Additional Notes


For now, we've prioritized addressing the most outlying vocations. Next week, we'll be applying more balancement changes. Stay tuned.



The vocation's primary stat is now Strength instead of Dexterity.



Final Note damage reduced from 234 to 187.

Forgotten Soul Rune damage reduced from 56 to 42.

Heaven Artifact - Personal Preference [Tier 1]: Buff effect bonus decreased from 30% to 20%.

Heaven Artifact - Light Shield [Tier 3]: Increased shield to allies from 1% to 2.5% of maximum resources (health or mana).

Hell Artifact - Chant [Tier 2]: Increased overall damage from 3% to 5%.

Adjustment: Forgotten Soul Rune - Allegro Awakening Effect: no longer deals the entire damage at once, instead, splits the full damage in two waves.



Relentless Rage has had its cooldown reduced to from 16 to 14 seconds.

Smash has had its cooldown reduced to from 20 to 16 seconds.

Vampiric  Feat has had its percentage of life steal reduced from 400% to 150%.

Rage specialization - Dexterity will now grant Cooldown Reduction instead of attack speed.


Hell Artifact - Sun Blast [Tier 1]: This artifact now affects Sunfire instead of Sunfire Missile. The effect is still the same: 20% damage increase to the spell.

Heaven Artifact - Glare [Tier 1]: This artifact now affects Sunfire instead of Sunfire Missile. It has received a new effect: Sunfire is casted again after 1 second, triggering Awakening Effects, if any.



Thunderbolt rounds damage reduced by 20%

Trickster extra damage on clones has been reduced from +20% to +15%.

Base weapon damage has been reduced from 18 to 15.



The vocation's primary stat is now Strength instead of Dexterity.

Updated the effect of Bandit [Hell Artifact - Tier 1] - It no longer grants a 10% spell damage increase, but the spell range bonus has been increased from 1 tile of distance to 2 tiles of distance.


Replaced the effect of Sonic [Heaven Artifact - Tier 1] to: Tiger Blade yields 5% resistance for the duration.

Updated the effect of Imperial Protection [Heaven Artifact - Tier 2] - The amount of shield granted has been increased from 5% to 6% of the caster's maximum health.

Replaced the effect of Unknown Art [Heaven Artifact - Tier 2] to: Kenki Blade grants a 10% attack speed increase for 5 seconds.

Replaced the effect of Intimidation [Hell Artifact - Tier 2] to: Kenki Blade increases overall user damage by +2% per enemy hit, up to 20%, for 5 seconds.

Replaced the effect of Toxin [Hell Artifact - Tier 3] to: The main target hit by Venomed Wakasashi will deal 10% less damage for 3 seconds.



Updated the effect of Defensiveness [Heaven Artifact - Tier 2]: Damage decrease received by pet has been updated from 5% to 15%.

Updated the effect of Aggressiveness [Hell Artifact - Tier 2]: Damage increase received by pet has been updated from 5% to 15%.



Fixed an issue where the Gunslinger Manage Rounds new bot option was pushing the "Auto Trader" widget down, making players unable to use it.


Changelog 9/15

16 September 2023 (12:01) by Archlight Team

● Fixed an issue where more Raid Shards were being delivered than intended. We'd like to apologize to all players affected by this. We will monitor if the issue has indeed been completely fixed and when so, we will apply a temporary change to yield 2 shards to all players instead of 1, to keep it the fairness of the game.


●Fixed an issue where there seemed to be double doors on Olympus Medusa Quest.


● Fixed an issue with Gunslinger Thunderbolt Rounds - Outlaw Rounds interaction. It was applying a 2% buff instead of 20%.


●Fixed an issue with Rogue Knife Cascade - Surge Artifact Effect, where it wasn't adding the extra turns to Awakening Effects.


● Fixed an issue with stairs leading to the new floor at Venomed Otherworlds.


● Fixed an issue where Darkness Shard and Dark Matter weren't correctly dropping.


●Fixed teleports at the Darkness Otherworlds Quest.


● Fixed map issues on new Naga spawn.


● Fixed issues with Siege Statues, which weren't correctly losing ownership after the due time.


P.S: We'd like to apologize and clarify the lag issues we've been having lately. We understand how frustrating this is, and we want to assure you that we are fully committed to resolving these problems.

Our development team has been working to address these lag issues by implementing a series of changes and deploying various debugging methods with each reboot. Our primary goal is not only to mitigate the issues but also to pinpoint the root cause behind them.

We've made several optimizations that have completely eliminated the lag from saving and loading players, which was the main source of lag on the last season. However, we have identified that the current lag comes from a different source that was previously masked by these improvements.

Fixing lag is our top priority right now. It's important to note that these issues have proven challenging to reproduce on our test servers, which has contributed to the extended timeline for implementing a fix.