Changelog August 17th

17 August 2022 (16:33) by Archlight Team

● Fixed Shisui Blade applying a Dexterity buff instead of Strength.

● Fixed an issue with Daily Profession Reset Token.

● Fiexd an issue where the "Cards" Awakening Effect wasn't being required in order to execute the cards combos. It was only requiring the player to be a Card Master.

● Fixed Druid Forms disappearing upon exiting a Secret Map.

● Added Secret Map synchronization system. A pop-up will appear upon clicking on the entrance of the secret map if the player is in a party, asking if the other members want to synchronize their map with the player clicking on it. If accepted, players will join the secret map together. Maps must be of the same rarity and members must be within 20 tiles away of the entrance.

Changelog 8/15

15 August 2022 (16:36) by Archlight Team

● Added !druidForms command, which toggles between enabled/disabled, being the default enabled. If enabled, players will transform into the animal's form outfit upon casting any animal form abillity. If disabled, their outfit will not change.

● Fixed issue with Druid's Animal Form awakening effect, where Merlkin Form and Cat Form effects wouldn't continue to proc on login/logout or world change.

● Fixed entrance to Cave Behemonth Secret Map.

● Fixed amount of Dark Tortures needed for stat point task.

● Fixed Soulbound Rune Soil description.

● Fixed Soulbound Exchange promotion token items on Tanning Station.

● Added Wargates Currency to Dark Matter shop. The price is 5 Dark Matter per Wargates Currency.

● Disabled Cupcake Relic's healing bonus. No item on cosmetic shop is supposed to have bonuses on Abaldar, as previously mentioned.

Pre-Launch Adjustments/Additional Patch

13 August 2022 (14:02) by Archlight Team

● Furnitures are now able to be used through a UI in the top-right corner, from any part of Archlight's World. It can be used across worlds. 
● Olympus Amulet and Olympus Ring are still heirloom, but we have reduced the chance to drop it by half. That being said, the chance of dropping a piece of jewelry from Darkness Olympus has been increased severely. 
● Fixed an issue with Bard's Soul Rune scaling from Runemastery. It was scaling more than intended.

Doors To Abaldar Second Season will open in less than 1 hour 
but depot opens in 2 hours as official "Launch", so you can already start preparig energy drinks for the BIG weekend we are about to get into.