Changelog 9/6/22

07 September 2022 (14:19) by Archlight Team

● Otherworlds Hunts 
- Added Dark Matter on loot. 

● Otherworlds Quest 
- Wraith will now cast the "immortal" mechanic up to 3x its maximum life. 
- Reduced health and AoE damage from Dark Wraith.
 - Reduced health from final boss.
 - Reduced by half the damage from boss' summons.
 - Increased the chance from spawning the Vampire while failing every 30 minutes.

 ● Miscellaneous 
- Fixed an issue where players would appear in a different dimension on the cake event.

Anniversary Event, Balancement, Quality of Life changes and fixes!

31 August 2022 (15:17) by Archlight Team



● Drawing “Bust” from Corsair’s Gamble will no longer overwrite the current bonuses.

Bounces from Bouncing Card will no longer count towards “hit effects” card combos.

Reduced damage from “Fire + Energy” Card Combo from 75% to 50% of the original damage.

Combo Effects damage will now be based off the scaled damage instead of the base.



● Fixed an issue with Wolf’s Guaranteed Awakening Effect, where it was supposed to grant +0.5% of damage per point, instead, it was granting +5% of damage per point.



Reduced Shisui Blade’s Strength bonus from +10% to +5%.

Reduced Tiger Blade - Tiger’s Quickness awakening effect dodge chance from 25% to 20% and the duration from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Reduced the base effectiveness of the Strength bonus from Hell Artifact [Tiger Blade] from 5% to 2%.



● The diminishing returns on Stats has been changed to be much lighter. That is, now your Primary Stat Points, when it comes to damage, will be more impactful.

● Fixed an issue with Medusa’s Statue, where it was being created twice.

● Removed Treasure Chest giving away 5 Legendary Keys and Crates from depot.

● Players will have attempts at Ritual Lords now. Upon failure, players may try to defeat another Ritual Lord, but the reward will be half of the sacrifice compared to the previous attempt. That is, if one sacrifices 10kk, they will get a reward of 5kk, due to having failed the previous attempt.

● The Wargates bracket will be the same as it was before the change on Bounty. Bounty brackets still have Abaldar’s special brackets.

● Players may now “!quit” from a World Boss instance.

● Fixed an issue where the “Full Character Window” wasn’t properly opening.

● Fixed an issue where Emotes would appear even while not isolated.

● Fixed an issue with Secret Map fusions.

● Updated how opacity/transparency works on the client: it will now only apply it to the window and its background, but it will ignore the essential parts of the window, such as text, icons and scrollbars.


Darkness Otherworlds Quest

● Reduced Spirit’s stats to match other monsters (health, damage, defense and experience).

● Added dialogue to NPCs with hints for the quest.

● Removed healing from 4 Wraith bosses.


Anniversary Event - 2022

To celebrate Archlights 7th Anniversary, we have prepared a new and improved Anniversary Event with lots of new goodies for you all to enjoy!

● The old "cake eating" event will still be active, giving players boxes to open and get decoration items, as well as the 7th anniversary backpack [18 attack power, 5% resistance].

● While killing monsters, there will be a chance of dropping a “cake essence”! Players must type “!cake” to grab it, being able to collect up to 5 charges. While in a protection zone, players may type “!cake event” to join the Cake Eating Event, where they must eat as much cake as they possibly can, in order to spawn Anniversary Monsters, which drop cake boxes!

● In the next seasons, both Abaldar and Legacy, we will be adding a “Seasonal Event Token”, which will be able to be collected in-game. This token can be used to exchange with an NPC that will be added to the Stronghold, which will offer players items from past Seasonal Events, which are not heirloom. As mentioned, this NPC is not being added this season, but we wanted to announce it now so the community is aware that these items that have bonuses and are not heirloom will come back next season.

● During the Anniversary Event, regular events (like TDM, Bombs, Firestorm, etc) will grant players Anniversary Cupcakes, which can be exchanged for items with the NPC Toby, which will be at the Anniversary Island. Players that score better on events will receive more Anniversary Cupcakes.

● Any creature killed has a small chance of dropping Anniversary Cupcakes.

● There is a chance of summoning an "anniversary monster" while killing creatures. The bot doesn’t target them, nor they target you, unless you attack first. They have the same behavior as Loot Slimes. Their health is 10% of their killer’s maximum health or mana.


Anniversary Demon


Anniversary Dragon


Anniversary Spider


Killing these creatures will reward the player with the following possible loot:


 Anniversary Cupcakes

 Fireworks - Celebration effects!


Cake Box


Deluxe Cake Box


 Nordic Chieftain Outfits [Very Rare]


Orc's Jaw Shredder

     10% additional mana/health regeneration


There's also a rare chance of spawning a Pinata, which besides having the loot table from the regular Anniversary Monsters, also has a chance of dropping the following items:


Extravagant Cake Box


Tearesa [all stats +2] [Rare]


Anniversary Cake [10%+ movement speed, +500 energy once eaten] [Very Rare]


Bottle of Champagne [2% resistance] [Rare]


Forbidden Fruit [+1 to stats, Ultra Rare] - it stacks

[guaranteed drop]


New Hide and Seek event

● Upon start, the Hiders will have one minute to hide, by using a special item into an item of the environment, transforming them into the sprite of said item. After one minute, seekers will have a special item in their inventory which can be used on where they think Hiders could be. 

    ● The Seekers special item has 20 charges and must be recharged at the a “recharging station”, which is placed at the beginning of the map.

    ● Items have 1 second cooldown to be used again.

    ● Hiders must be hit twice to be eliminated.

    ● Seekers have 10 minutes to defeat all hiders.

    ● Hiders win if there’s at least one Hider alive after 5 minutes. Seekers win if they defeat all Hiders.

     ● Hiders that have been defeated will become invisible and may not interact with the event, but they can still watch the match.


Living Archlight Token Shop

● Item Shader Token - 1 LAT for 5 tokens

● Apply a shader of your choice to any item from your backpack. This shader doesn’t give anything special to the item, it’s purely for decoration.

● Added Shader Remover Token to the Archlight Token shop, which costs 10 Archlight Tokens. It removes the shader from the item and gives back the Item Shader Token to the player.

● An item that has an Item Shader will lose its “use” functionality, but if this functionality isn’t needed for it to work, it will work as usual. Beware that if the item is removed, the shader will be removed with it, therefore not giving back the Item Shader Token. For example, if you use the Item Shader Token on a Stat Stone, then use it through the UI, the Stat Stone will be removed with the shader. The player will gain 1 stat point as usual, but will lose the Stat Stone and the Item Shader Token.

● These will not be refunded.


Shannon The Trader

Anniversary Cupcakes - 1 LAT for 50 Anniversary Cupcakes


Deluxe Box - 1 LAT for 25 Deluxe Boxes


Falcon Pet [Furniture] - 2 LAT

Grants 15% profession/gathering experience for 23 hours.


Vengothic Kit [Furniture] - 2 LAT 

 +15% Dark Matter drop chance

+15% Monster Essence find


Stuffed Dragon [Furniture] - 3 LAT

10% gold from all sources (essences, dropped, loot sold).

15% bonus PVP honor (counts for achievements)

5% chance of extra bonus boxes from dungeons and quests. This works like the feats Treasure Hunter but procs separately, so it doesn't add a chance on top of it, but you may obtain both the Feat and this buff.

Picking this furniture will give you an extra daily reward item that is not soulbound. The item is the same from the daily calendar.


Love Elixir - 4 LAT 

 Grants permanent resistance [8%]


Anniversary Cupcakes Shop

Cake Boxes [10 Anniversary Cupcakes]


Racoon Backpack [300 Anniversary Cupcakes]

3% resistance

12 attack power

It works as a relic, not needing to equip it in the first slot for the bonus to be active. 


Holy Blossom [500 Anniversary Cupcakes]

 Increase slime rewards by 5% and increase chances to get a rare slime.


Knightly Bed Kit [Furniture] [500 Anniversary Cupcakes]

It increases your attack power by 20.


Monster Cupcake Mounts [750 Anniversary Cupcakes] - Heirloom

There are 8 versions of this mount, which players can choose upon using the token.

They do not grant any bonuses.

Patch notes august 19th!

19 August 2022 (19:01) by Archlight Team

As of this patch, anytime you prestige you will receive a free Legendary Map. (Players with previous prestiges will receive Legendary Maps in their mailboxes for the prestiges they've already made) 
Additionally, some of you will have already noticed a chest has been added in the Depot. 
This chest will give 5 Free Legendary Keys & Crates to anyone who opens it (requires awakening 200+). It will be there for 1 week after which it will be removed. Also in today's patch we made a handful of changes.
 1. Cursed Tomes are no longer available from the LAT Shop. 
2. The gold amount from Legendary Keys has been increased. 
3. Ancient Books will now have a 50% higher chance to drop from content and Cursed Tomes will now have a 10% chance to contain a Legendary Map instead of 2%. 
4. The result of yesterday's survey regarding the amount of creatures kill required for each Exploration Mission was loud and clear: 64.5% of the votes were under "Reduce the amount by 50%". And so we did. Every Exploration Mission has had its creatures kill amount required reduced by half. 
5. Otherworld Wraiths have been removed from Darkness Otherworld Hunts. 
6. Reduced the price from Flippers from 1500 to 300 Forgotten Gold, since it will be required for Forgotten Coves Creatures Exploration Mission. Lastly, Legendary Key Packs are now 2 for the price of 1 from the LAT Shop! We do not know how long we will keep this for. (edited)