Abaldar Fresh Start August 13th

06 August 2022 (15:38) by Archlight Team

The Second Abaldar Season Starts:

August 13th - 9:00am Pacific Time | 12:00pm Eastern Time | 13:00 BRT | 18:00 CEST


Character Creation Opens: 

August 7th - 9:00am Pacific Time | 12:00pm Eastern Time | 13:00 BRT | 18:00 CEST



● Olympus content, as well as Kraken and Forgemaster equipment are things that a very small part of the community reaches, yet new endgame content is consistently requested. With the coming of Darkness Olympus, we have decided to make the obtention of said equipment and the arrival to Olympus quicker and easier, so Darkness Olympus becomes the true endgame. This doesn't mean that the season will be sped up, as we have a long list of changes below, but it means that the content that before was considered a late game grind, will no longer be. Here are the changes made to achieve our goals:

● Forgotten Islands progression has been revamped. It no longer "locks" players under cooldown to achieve the Exploration Reputation to reach the next island. More information about this below.

● Delay between Raids has been reduced by half. This means raids will be far more common.

● Removed the cooldown from Raid Boss Dungeons. Players may use as many tokens as they want to farm shards.

● Players must only complete missions and exploration missions once in order to have access to the Raid Boss Dungeon, no longer having to complete every task multiple times only to enter it.

● To Prestige, the Awakening Level requirement has been increased to 100 instead of 150 per Prestige level. Every 5 Prestige levels, the Awakening Level requirement is increased by 50. Here's an example table (it continues to increase even past the levels described in this example table):

    Prestige 0: 500

    Prestige 1: 600

    Prestige 2: 700

    Prestige 3: 800

    Prestige 4: 900

    Prestige 5: 1050

    Prestige 6: 1200

    Prestige 7: 1350

    Prestige 8: 1500

    Prestige 9: 1650

    Prestige 10: 1850

    Prestige 11: 2050

    Prestige 12: 2250

    Prestige 13: 2450

    Prestige 14: 2650

    Prestige 15: 2900


● To help with the more frequent Prestiging, Sigil Dungeons will now grant 5 Dungeon Medals per Sigil Level upon claim.

● Heavily Rebalanced rifts

● Now every creature category will give the same amount of experience to every rift.

● Increased the experience given by tasks severely.

● Increased the experience, loot and health strength at higher power brackets. That is, the reward from Monster Essences will be far better now.

● Darkness hunts have been re-balanced, with more information under the "Balancement" section.

● Raids are now enforced PvP.

● Player death by monsters will now also result in Awakening Level loss. Gold Blessing decreases the experience lost by 75%.

● Fixed an issue where players could join party but not share experience and get the full essence for themselves in dimensional party hunts.

● Attack Power Boost Potions can no longer be obtained through Loot Crates, but they have been added to Dungeon Boxes and Quest Boxes. Higher the tier of the box, higher the chance and amount.

● Potions are still available through the Archlight Token NPC.

● Surging Gems now require a sacrifice of an Overcharged Gem of the same type. That is, upon using a Surging Gem and choosing the type of gem you wish to obtain, an Overcharged Gem of the same type must be in the player's inventory for it to be properly transformed.

● Renamed Inferno Gems Physical Damage attribute to Auto Attack Damage.

● Possessed Young Devils and Possessed Devils, as well as Possessed Dragonlings and Possessed Dragons tasks have been merged into one each.

● Removed PvP Rank from player inspect.


Forgotten Islands

● Removed Exploration Reputation.

● To unlock the next island, players must complete all missions and exploration missions from the island once. To access Kraken Defense Navy, players must complete Blackridge.

● Exploration missions consist of killing a requested amount of each creature in the island.

● Several spawns have been changed to allow better huntability and proper spacing while doing the exploration missions.

● Minerva's Isle is a special island for exploration missions, since each stage of the missions unlocks a new access of the island. This has been done because the access used to be locked behind exploration reputation.

● To unlock Olympus, players must complete Azmar Sands, which requires completing every other island.

● There's no cooldown/waiting time to do the exploration missions, players are the ones who get to control when they progress through Forgotten Islands content.

● The regular tasks still exist, they reward players with Forgotten Gold.

● Missions only need to be done once to unlock progress, but they can be done multiple times to receive Forgotten Gold.

● Bounty Hunter NPC has been removed (NPC that used to trade Forgotten Gold for Exploration Reputation).

● The Forgotten Widow has a chance to spawn once in a random time within 23 hours after the server has been booted up. The Forgotten Widow spawn in a random position in the Minerva's Isle spiders nest. Killing it will grant the player the mount.


Quality of Life/Bug Fixes

Character Panel

● Added Attack Power category, which has information about:






   Strong Potions


   Base Damage Increase

● Added Vocation category, which has information about:

   Weapon Damage

   Primary Stat

   Cap Attack Speed

   Base Attack Speed

   Health Gain Per Level

   Mana Gain Per Level

● Added Damage Buffs information under Combat category, which shows the player the percentual damage increase they have in their character (from buffs, Soulhunter Backpack, etc).

● Added "Experience Boost" under Miscellaneous category. It shows the total amount of Experience Boost items the player is currently under.

● Players below level 500 will only lose a dungeon charge upon collecting the reward. Quitting from the on-going dungeon will also make them lose the charge.

● Players can now use multiple Gold Nuggets in Prisons, which will increase the difficulty and reward by the amount of Gold Nuggets sacrificed. Players choose the amount on entrance.

● Players will be able to join Events, Rifts and World Bosses from any part of the world, as long as they are not inside of an instance (quest, dungeons, wargates, etc) and have not engaged in PvP combat recently.

● Right-clicking the popup closes it. Upon clicking the top-left button "Notifications", players will have access to all their notifications. This window also holds a button called "Show Active Events". Clicking it will trigger the popup to join the event of every event that is currently active. Due to that, events teleports have been removed.

● This notification system also notifies Raid bosses, though these may not be joined through the popup; their entrance has not been changed.

● A new category under "Options" called "Notifications" has been added. There, players can configure what kind of notifications they want to receive.

● A notification will pop up on the screen, showing the timer to start the event. Left-clicking the notification icon, the player will be able to choose to join the event.

● Through minimap, players will be able to see the position of every party member (it shows their current outfit). There's also a button to center the screen on a member of your choice.

● Summons damage and healing will now be properly shown to their master on Server Log. Added option to show summon damage on options.

● Journeyman's Trinket can now be consumed, yielding permanently 15% more crafting experience and 20% less energy consumption. It can still be equipped, but it no longer provides power.

● Added a minimum range of 2 for summons to attack/heal. That is, even if the master is a melee, the summon will attack/heal from 2 tiles of distance from their master/target.

● Added two new filter options on the battle window: "Show only party members" and "Show only bosses".

● Frost Shield can now be used on Heal Bot with the "Use on self" function.

● Wand of Jorus has been added to Rare Goods Collector NPC, to be exchanged for Awakening Experience.

● Increased the chance to drop bones from Olympus Medusa and Hades missions.

● Reduced the amount of kills required for Blackstone creatures from feats from 600 to 200.

● Increased the chance of summoning the God Oasis Reptile monster on the Bees Ballroom Azmar mission from 15% to 40%.

● Added Loot Slime chance and Resistance bounty bonuses.

● Mailing a player that doesn't exist will no longer drop the parcel into the mailbox.

● Disabled pushing players from a non-protected zone to a protection zone.

● Hotkeys that are also typing keys (letters, numbers and special characters) will no longer be triggered if the chat is enabled. This is to prevent executing hotkeys unintendedly while typing.

● Added an option to swap console tabs upon receiving a new private message. By default, it is enabled.

● Hitting enter on emote auto-complete will now only insert the emote into the current message, instead of sending it directly. Also, players may now navigate through the emote window by pressing up and down arrow keys.

● Added a confirm window to a few market actions.

● Players will now be notified when a buy/sell offer is executed on market.

● Added !partyMembers command. It shows all members names and who is the party leader.

● Inspecting an artifact will now show the daily amount of experience obtained and that can be obtained. With that, the daily experience limit has been increased with the outfits, since before it was only adding less towards the limit than to the artifact. Practically, nothing has changed, but it's easier to visualize and calculate now.

● Fixed an issue on Forgemaster Raid Boss Dungeon where the boss/player sometimes could get stuck while returning to the initial position, due to summons.

● Removed Otherworld "War" creatures from bounty.

● Temporary Ravenous Fiend will now properly work on dimensions.

● Team Boss Arena tab will now be properly shown on Quest Log if it's available.

● Awakening Experience messages have had their values fixed. That is, the value that the message says will correspond to the value the player got.

● Increased the experience given by Premium Tasker tasks.

● Reduced Solo Darksteel monsters damage by 55%. Reduced Darksteel Boss damage by 40%.



● As promised, furnitures are now available on the Living Token Exchanger for 1 LAT each, instead of 4. They are not heirloom.

● Living Archlight Token Shop items and Promotion Token Shop items that were previously on the store for points have been moved to their correspondent NPC as players will now receive Promotion Tokens alongside their Archlight Coins from Abaldar Season 1 Donations.

● Auto Looting Backpack: this backpack collects every loot dropped in any monster's corpse that's not on your auto loot list. It has 100 slots and it costs 2 LATs. By having regular backpacks inside of it, players can "extend" the amount of slots. It is not heirloom.


● Void Backpack has been added to the Living Token Exchanger NPC, for 4 LATs. It is not heirloom.

  Crafted with the heart of darkness, this backpack was surely made to endure. Through legends passed down, whoever the holder may be, will have the opportunity to cheat death on several occasions. Evidentially dark matter is attracted by it, a 15% increase on dark matter finding will be evaluated by its holder.

This backpacks benefits can be used in any backpack slot and do not require the main slot.

● Attck Power: +20

● Dark Matter: +15%

● Resistance: +5%

Archpass - Season 2

● Poppy Ibex [Level 50]

● Fire Fighter Outfit [Level 100]



All players to reach Awakening

● Cunning Hyaena


First 70 players to obtain 200 achievement points

● Breezy Garb


First 60 players to obtain 300 achievement points

● Giant Beaver (Mount)


All players to obtain 500 achievement points

● Fleeting Knowledge


First 50 players to slay Hades

● Royal Costume Outfits


First 45 players to slay Hydra

● Revenant Outfits


First 60 players to Slay Darkness Hades

● Crystalline Corrupted Wings

First 50 players to slay Darkness Hydra

● Corrupted Aura

PvP Trader

Added new outfits to the PvP Trader:

● Golden Outfit

● First part of the addon costs 10k PvP honor.

● Second part of the addon can be obtained through darkness content.

● Ascending Ferumbras Outfit [7.5k PvP honor]

Mounting is blocked while wearing this outfit.


● Ferumbras Soul Splinter [7.5k PvP honor]

Mounting is blocked while wearing this outfit.


● Energized Raging Mage [5k PvP honor]

Mounting is blocked while wearing this outfit.


● Izcandar Champion of Summer [5k PvP honor]

Mounting is blocked while wearing this outfit.


● Citizen of Issavi Outfit [6k PvP Honor]


Siege Commander Shop Additions

● Ashens Dust Token Exchange

● This item exchanges the stat from your weapon that has an Ashen Dust. The equipment must be soulbound to the player using the token.

● Marius Bonus Token Exchange

● This item exchanges the stat from your equipment that has a Marius Bonus. The equipment must be soulbound to the player using the token.

● Auto Loot Slot Increase Token

● This item increases your total amount of auto loot slots by +5 per use. There's no limit of how many can be used.

● Wargates Daily Threshold Increase Token

● This item increases the daily amount of creatures that can be killed receiving full experience by +20. You can use up to 10 of these, capping at +200 threshold.


New Content

Darkness Olympus

● New Darkness Set and Darkness Weapons. These have an upgrade cap of 50, instead of the previous equipment which were 40.

● The 5 Olympus bosses will each have its Darkness version.

● Dark Euryale unlocks at Prestige 11.

● Dark Stheno unlocks  at Prestige 12.

● Dark Medusa unlocks  at Prestige 13.

● Dark Hades unlocks  at Prestige 14.

● Dark Hydra unlocks  at Prestige 15.

● Each island has a darkness hunt which is unlocked upon killing the Darkness boss. There's also a second darkness hunt inside of it, which is unlocked upon killing the Hydra. One of the rewards of killing the Hydra is a task of killing monsters inside the second darkness hunt, which unlocks the next island. Completing every island’s tasks will grant the player a special reward.

● Players will only have 5 attempts per day on each boss fight.

● Minimum 4 players and maximum 10 players per instance.

● There will be debuffs upon entering Darkness Olympus (both boss fight and hunts) if the player is missing equipment.

● Each missing Surging Gem increases damage taken by 10%. They must have a total of 48 Surging Gems to not take any extra damage.

● Each missing Darkness Weapon increases damage taken by 300%.

● Each missing Darkness Set increases damage taken by 100%.

● The Darkness Olympus Boss Fights are the very end-game, at this point of the game, players don't need to get any stronger in order to hunt. Due to that, most of the Darkness Olympus Bosses rewards are related to PvP.

● Darkness Shards can be found while defeating Darkness creatures and are useful to craft special items on Aaron. These are the items which will corrupt your weapons, armors and jewelry into their Darkness version.

● Darkness Olympus Weapons and Darkness Set Pieces can be upgraded up until level 50. Each upgrade level past level 40 grants more bonuses than the previous levels. The Dark Stone, which is required to upgrade past level 40, can be crafted with Aaron.

● Darkness Olympus Amulet and Darkness Olympus Ring unlock one bonus every 2 stages, up to 5 bonuses.

● Defeating a Darkness Olympus boss grants a Dark Gem, which bonus is random, but tier is related to the boss defeated. Lower the tier, higher the bonus, being the strongest Tier 1 and weakest Tier 5.

● 3 Dark Gems of the same tier and bonus can be fused into one of one tier higher.

● 3 Dark Gems of the same tier and different bonuses can be fused into one of a different bonus.

● Dark Gems bonuses are only triggered on PvP and have no use on PvE.

● Darkness Bonuses (the bonuses granted by Dark Gems) can be mimicked off.

● Only Darkness Weapons and Darkness Set Pieces can hold a Darkness Bonus.

● Darkness Olympus Amulet and Darkness Olympus Ring can each hold one bonus.

● To unlock a Dark Gem slot on your equipment, players must use a Dark Key on it. It has a 100% chance to succeed and may be crafted by Aaron.

● Darkness Otherworld creatures have a small chance of dropping a special backpack, each having one special PvP bonus. The bonus is active by having the backpack in the inventory, not being necessary to equip it.

Secret Maps

● Maps can be done solo or in group.

● To do maps in a group, players will have to talk to an NPC to sync their maps, so it points towards the same entrance.

● There is a level requirement of 500 to join a Secret Map.

● Limited to 10 players maximum.

● There are 4 rarities for these maps: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

● Higher the rarity, higher the difficulty and reward.

● The difficulty of the map will be dictated by the power of those entering it. Both the rarity and the power weight in the reward.

● Secret Maps will point to random setup spots in the Archlight World, using the same logic as the Maps used to pinpoint the location of darkness dimensional hunts.

● To claim the reward, players must kill every creature inside the Secret Map and kill the boss that will appear after doing so.

● Common, Rare and Epic maps will always transform the area around the entrance into a special dungeon. Legendary maps have their own instance, being separated from the world map.

● Players may enhance their Secret Map's rarity by sacrificing 2 or maps.

● Example: you have 2 Epic Maps, one is used to be enhanced and one is used to be sacrificed, having 33% chance to enhance it to Legendary. By sacrificing 2, you have 66% chance to enhance it. By sacrificing 3, you have a 100% chance to enhance it.

● Obtaining

● There are 4 book rarities.

● Common Book: Can drop Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary Maps.

● Rare Book: Can drop Rare, Epic and Legendary Maps.

● Epic Book: Can drop Epic and Legendary Maps.

● Legendary Book: Guarantee's Legendary Map.

●  Living Archlight Token Exchanger:

● There is a daily limit to purchase one Legendary Map for 2 LATs.

● Cursed Tome (without any limit) for 1 LAT. It yields 2 maps, which may not be common.

● Ancient Book drops a random rarity book. It can be obtained from:

● Quest Boxes.

● Sigil Dungeons.

● Loot Slimes.

● Iria Cartwrighte Shop (Otherworld Daily).

● Wargate Shop.

● World Bosses.  

● Players who help "opening" the boss (sacrificing items) will have a higher chance of dropping Ancient Books.




● Health/Mana per level changes

● Mages (Bard, Druid, Necromancer and Sorcerer) have had their mana per level reduced from 220 to 200. Their prestige specialization has had their mana per level reduced from 250 to 230.

● Archer have had their health per level reduced from 180 to 160. Their prestige specialization has had their mana per level reduced from 210 to 190.

● Gunslinger have had their health per level reduced from 190 to 170. Their prestige specialization has had their mana per level reduced from 220 to 200.

● Attack Power Potion has a limit of 500 Attack Power, instead of 1500.

● Strong Attack Power Potion has a limit of 501 Attack Power, instead of 1500.

● Attack Power will now yield 0.4% instead of 0.7% of base damage increase per point.

● Weapon Tier now increases damage by 0.5x per tier instead of 1x per tier.

● Life Leech enchantment now has a 100% chance to proc on auto attack and a 25% chance to proc on a spell. The amount healed has been reduced by half.

● Reduced Grasping enchantment paralyze percentage changed from 40%, 60% and 80% to 20%, 40% and 60% at tier 1, 2 and 3, respectively.

● Warcry spell now reduces threat by 3% per Earthquake hit.


Darkness Hunts

● Every Darkness Hunt has been rebalanced.

● Darkness Forgotten Island now requires Prestige 6 to join.

● Darkness Otherworld hunts have been added from Prestige 1 to Prestige 5, being ● Prestige 1-4 inside the book and Prestige 5 outside the book.

To unlock Darkness Forgotten Island hunts, players must complete the new Otherworld quest.



● Hades Exploding Teleportation spell now stuns instead of locking into place. That means players can cleanse/block it.

● Added a special logic to the Hydra boss, now it will check if each head has a target. If not, every head will get progressively stronger. This has been added to prevent players from fighting/solo'ing each head individually.

● Spawns have been slightly changed to allow better huntability.


Corsair Changes

● Cap attack speed reduced from 6 to 3.

● Call In The Militia spell removed.

● Corsair's Gamble is now the Corsair's Legendary Spell.

● Gambler specialization removed.

● Card Master specialization added.

● Card Masters have a cap attack speed of 6 and Dexterity increases attack speed instead of cooldown reduction. This specialization attacks 300ms faster than the default Corsair attack speed.

● The attack speed is divided to each weapon. That is, if a Card Master has 2 attack speed (2 attacks per second), it will hit once with the pistol and once with the dagger within the second. If the Card Master doesn't have range to attack with the dagger, only the pistol will hit, hitting only once within the second.

● To replace the missing specialization spell from Awakening Effects, a new one has been added: Cards.

● Adding Points: Increases cards effectiveness.

● Guaranteed Effect: Your dagger may now also hold cards. Card effects do not stack. The card effects may now combo, by wielding one card in your gun while having another card wielded in your dagger. Check combo effects in each card's description.

● Sharp Card: On auto attack, applies a condition which makes the enemy receive 5% more damage for 3 seconds. If the enemy is bleeding, it will receive 10% more damage.

● Protective Card: Upon reaching 25% or less health, receives 30% resistance for 10 seconds.

● Bouncing Card: The card bounces to another enemy, dealing damage and applying the card effects to it.

● Every card combos with every other card, but itself. Here are the possible card combos:



 ● Earth + Death: Every 5 hits, deal damage in a 3x3 circle area.

 ● Earth + Energy: Every 5 hits, shield up for 2% of your maximum health for 5 seconds.

 ● Earth + Fire: Has a 5% chance to snare enemies hit for 0.5s.

 ● Earth + Ice: Every 10 hits, heals the health of every ally within 3 tiles of distance by the same amount of the damage caused.



 ● Energy + Death: Every 4 hits, bounce a lightning strike to 2 enemies, dealing half of the original damage. After 1 second, enemies hit will be hit once a gain, for the same amount.

 ● Energy + Earth: Every 5 hits, shield up for 2% of your maximum health for 5 seconds.

 ● Energy + Fire: Deals 75% of the original damage in a 2x2 circle area.

 ● Energy + Ice: Every 5 hits, bounce a lightning strike to 4 enemies, dealing half of the original damage. Enemies hit are paralyze by 20% for 2 seconds.



 ● Fire + Death: No longer hits in an area, but it deals 20% more damage towards the target.

 ● Fire + Earth: Has a 5% chance to snare enemies hit for 0.5s.

 ● Fire + Energy: Deals 75% of the original damage in a 2x2 circle area.

 ● Fire + Ice: Forcibly paralyzes every enemy hit by 20% for 2 seconds.



 ● Ice + Death: Has a 10% chance to freeze the target for 1 second.

 ● Ice + Earth: Every 10 hits, heals the health of every ally within 3 tiles of distance by the same amount of the damage caused.

 ● Ice + Energy: Every 5 hits, bounce a lightning strike to 4 enemies, dealing half of the original damage. Enemies hit are paralyze by 20% for 2 seconds.

 ● Ice + Fire: Forcibly paralyzes every enemy hit by 20% for 2 seconds.



 ● Death + Earth: Every 5 hits, deal damage in a 3x3 circle area.

 ● Death + Energy: Every 4 hits, bounce a lightning strike to 2 enemies, dealing half of the original damage. After 1 second, enemies hit will be hit once a gain, for the same amount.

 ● Death + Fire: No longer hits in an area, but it deals 20% more damage towards the target.

 ● Death + Ice: Has a 10% chance to freeze the target for 1 second.



● Removed Awakening Spells Chilling Blast and Strong Azur Wave.

● Added Awakening Spells Animal Form and Starfall.

● Animal Form

● Guaranteed Effect: Increases effectiveness by +5%. On Cat Form, it only increases speed.

● Adding Points: Increases forms effectiveness.

● Bear Form: Increases this form's resistance bonus by +5%.

● Cat Form: While in this form, casts the Scratch ability from transformation every 5 seconds.

● Merlkin Form: While in this form, summon random star falls on the screen every 5 seconds.

● Starfall

● Guaranteed Effect: No longer transforms the druid into Merlkin Form.

● Adding Points: Increases the spell's damage.

● Shooting Stars: Area increased to a 10x10 circle.

● Star Impact: Deals damage instantaneously.

● Lunar Shower: Heals health and mana from allies within a 10x10 circle area for the same amount as its damage.




● Primary Stat changed from Dexterity to Strength.



● Removed Awakening Spells Distracting Shot, Hunting Spear, Tamer Bolas and Tamers Shot.

● Added Awakening Spells Bear, Boar, Gorilla and Wolf.



● Guaranteed Effect: Allies within 3 tiles of distance from the Bear will receive +5% resistance every 10 seconds. The buff lasts for 10 seconds.

● Adding Points: Increases the bear's maximum health by 2% per point.

● Front Sweep: The area of the Bear Attack is now a square around itself.

● Taunt: Increases the area of the Taunt spell from a 2x2 circle to a 5x5 circle.

● Meat Shield: Decreases the Bear's movement speed by 80%, but it takes 20% less damage.



● Guaranteed Effect: Every 2 seconds, paralyzes its target for 25% for 2 seconds, within 5 tiles of range.

● Adding Points: Increases the boar's paralyze percent by 2% per point.

● Stunning Hit: Hitting a target that hasn't moved in over 3 seconds will stun it for 2 seconds and deal 30% more damage. The stun mechanic has a 5 seconds cooldown, but the damage increase is still applied if the target doesn't move.

● Chase Hit: Hitting a target on the back increase the damage by 50%.

● Powerful Charge: The Boar's charging ability now teleports it to the target's back.



● Guaranteed Effect: Increases the Gorilla's movement speed by 20%.

● Adding Points: Increases the gorilla's movement speed by 1% per point. With 7 points, the area of Gorilla's Attack spell will have its area increased to a 4x4 circle area. With 15 points, it will have its area increased to a 5x5 circle area.

● Smash: The Gorilla's Attack spell now forcibly slows creatures hit by 30% for 4 seconds.

● Heavy Stomp: The Gorilla's Attack spell now pulls creatures towards their position.

● Buddy: 50% of the damage received by the master is directed to the Gorilla. Does not work in PvP.



● Guaranteed Effect: Scratch hits an additional time.

● Adding Points: Increase the wolf's damage by +0.5% per point.

● Boss Killer: Deals +20% damage against bosses.

● Advantageous Hit: Deals +5% damage to creatures that are not targeting it.

● Unthreatening Scratch: Wolf's Attack Spell (Scratch) decreases boss threat by 3%.

Archlight Legacy New Season Notes

29 April 2022 (21:12) by Archlight Team

May 13th - 8:00am Pacific Time, 11:00am Eastern Time, 12:00pm Brazilian Time, 17:00 CET

Dracona & Ildar Worlds Merging to Create Archlight Legacy

As many of you already know, this next season the two worlds Dracona & Ildar will be merging! We cannot wait to see the merging of the two oldschool communities, the new guilds, rivalries, and conflicts! Which server's community dominate in the merge?

Legacy's server location will be on a high powered machine in US-East. With this location, you will find very minimal lag if playing from EUW and South America alike.  

It has been nearly 6 months since the last Archlight Season, as this season we felt the need to rework some major systems in Archlight that have been limiting on the design side, overly complicated, or simply needed a fresh look after nearly 7 years of Archlight. We are excited to share with you all the changes, additions and revamps coming to Archlight Legacy!

The Legacy Website will open next week with character creation!

Strap in, this is a big new season post...


Stat System Revamp

Awakening Stats Points cap have been lowered from 75 to 50.

Stat Stones will now only yield 1 point, regardless of the current amount invested.

Removed the possibility of spending Large Stat Stones before 80 points invested and Ancient Stat Stones before 120 points invested.

Primary Stats will scale the damage from spells, according to the vocation. Check out the following list (note that this list may change up until the balancement patch):

Archer: Dexterity

Bard: Intelligence

Berserker: Strength

Corsair: Strength

Death Knight: Strength

Druid: Intelligence

Guardian: Strength

Gunslinger: Dexterity

Monk: Dexterity

Necromancer: Intelligence

Rogue: Dexterity

Samurai: Dexterity

Sorcerer: Intelligence

Tamer: Dexterity


Stat Categories

Primary Stats


- Critical Chance and Attack Speed for Melee/Range vocations and Critical Chance and Cooldown Reduction for Mage vocations.


 Maximum Health and Physical Damage.


 Maximum Mana and Magical Damage.


Secondary Stats


Increases runes efficiency (includes Soul Rune).


Increases healing received.


Increases Critical Damage.


Tertiary Stats


 Increases chance to find a Monster Essence.


 Increases chance in loot drops.


Increases amount of gold dropped by creatures.


Supreme Stats

- Players will be able to choose one stat to be the Supreme from each Stat Category. Setting a stat as Supreme allow you to add Awakening Points past the 50 cap.

- They have no cap, but after 50 awakening points invested, every 20 awakening points invested, an extra Awakening Point will be required in order to add an Awakening Stat Point.


New Exotic Rarity


Damage System Revamp

Internal formulas has always been a headache to the development team and a limiting factor when it comes to transparency on damage calculation. The fact that spells used to have no set base spell damage made balancement harder than it already is. We couldn't accurately compare values because each spell scaled differently with levels, skills and other miscellaneous (weapon attack, upgrades, etc). We tried different alternatives to workaround this, but it'd only pile up overtime.

We put a lot of work into making things easy to be seen, to be changed and to be calculated. With the old system, having a damage calculator was impossible, because each spell had it's own formula, with different weight for each thing.



 Armor (ARM) from equipments has been removed.

 It didn't do anything besides adding power, which will now be added by the equipment's tier and protection.

Skills have been removed.

Distance, Melee and Magic Level no longer exist. They have been replaced by Attack Power.

As mentioned earlier, skills scaled different spells differently, making it impossible to forsee and project balancement around it. Attack Power scales every spell of every vocation by the same amount, making the process of balancement and calculation incomparably easier.

Players will start with a Base Attack Power of 100.

Skill Boost Potions have been replaced for Attack Power Boost Potions.

 Removed Attack Power Boost Potions from Archlight Tokens NPC.

 Every 10 Attack Power Boost Potions used, an extra one will be required to yield the Attack Power Bonus. The same applies to the Strong version of it.

 Weapon Damage has also been revamped. Weapons no longer have Weapon Attack on them, since one weapon is used by multiple vocations, we had to workaround this problem to balance auto attack. With the following change, we can balance exactly each vocation's auto attack, regardless of the weapon.

 Weapons will be the piece of equipment which will yield the most amount of Attack Power. With this, a weapon is as valueble for an auto attack vocation as for a spell casting vocation.

 Every weapon tier gives the same exact amount of Attack Power. That is, a Prismatic Staff has the same amount of Attack Power than a Prismatic Dagger, and so on.

 The auto attack damage is defined by your Vocation Weapon Damage (which can be seen at the Character Window, Combat category) added by 0.25 times the Weapon's Upgrade Level. The result then goes through the Attack Power formula, which is multiplied by the Weapon's Tier. This results in the Base Weapon Damage, that calculated by Stats, Gems, Enchantments, Enhancements and other miscellaneous additional multiplier, results in the Average Weapon Damage.

 The Weapon's Tier play a great part in the auto attack damage now. This means that players will feel the damage progression in between weapons a lot heavier now. Here's the current weapons tiers:

  Tier 1: Prismatic

  Tier 2: Voodoo and Heroes

  Tier 3: Rift & Sharptooth

  Tier 4: Darksteel

  Tier 5: Iceforged

  Tier 6: Goldencrafted & Mastercrafted

  Tier 7: Reforged Mastercrafted

  Tier 8: Forgemaster

  Tier 9: Olympus

Every spell damage formula has been converted into a Base Spell Damage. With this, now every spell scale the same way. These values will be posted with the balancement Patch Notes, on May 6th.

Runes and Soul Runes have been added to the Spell Book.

Base Damage and Base Healing have been added to the Spell Book and Awakening Effects window.

The stat that scales each spell has been added to the Spell Book.

Tooltips and additional information about formulas have been added to the game, here are some examples:



A system that allows players to sacrifice Awakening Levels and by that gaining bonuses to make their character overall stronger.

Any player will be able to see how many times one has been prestiged.

To sacrifice their Awakening Levels, players must be at least level A. 500.

Players will have an "Awakening Level History", being able to join quests and access places they could before Prestige. Every storage and access granted will be kept.

Prestiging Reductions

All Awakening Levels

All Awakening Spell Points, not including prestiged spell points.

All Awakening Stats Points, not including prestiged stat points.



Prestiging Benefits

- The exact benefits are still being tested & balanced. Full information will come on the patch notes of May 6th. Many of them can be seen already though but these amounts are not finalized.

Cost to Prestige

2000 Archlight Tokens

100kk Gold

200 Archlight Dungeon Medals

50 Awakening Experience Wands.

Every time you prestige, the cost of the next prestige increases by +50% of the base cost.


New Content

After reaching prestige, a fairly good looking witch will charm you into the beauty of the multi-verse, which through a tool you will access! Some surprises might show up on the alternate dimensions, so bear that in mind!

Added new content for solo, greater and sigil dungeons! At the end of each dungeon there will be a place where a rift can be opened using a certain tool sending you to the darkness dimension. Watch out on the other side, the bosses will become way stronger, so pick up your best gear, because your rewards will most certainly be worthy.

New alternate dimensions will be available for the players that hold a rift knife, a powerful tool used to cross between dimensions! Which the Forgotten Islands content will never forget! Moles, Goblins, Pirates... They all have darkness inside their hearts!!! Are you ready?

There is no doubt that darkness can spread among people's heart, but it call also possess items! An artifact can be enhanced by adding darkness to it, unleashing its power to a whole new level.

Added new stats buff potions which can make your stats increase up to 20% on each type, the buff also increases when inside darkness dungeons content.

A new rarity was unlocked, the exotic one, which can hold up to 6 stat buffs simultaneously. As the legends have been told, it is only obtainable on the darkness…


Training Tokens


Party Ping System

The ping system will allow party-mates to better communicate in a dynamic manner.

Players may customize a great deal of settings through the options window, on the top-right buttons.

By default, the middle mouse button triggers it. A simple click is an instant ping, represented by the blue arrow (this effect may not be changed). A simple ping targeted towards a player signalizes it considering the situation; if it’s a party mate (or yourself), it signalizes for protection, if not, it signalizes to be looked out for. Towards a monster or an enemy, it signalizes attack. Towards an NPC, it signalizes interaction.

Players may configure a hotkey for the instant ping and another one for the wheel pings. In this window, users may also disable receiving pings from their party-mates, as well as being able to configure whatever holding time for the wheel menu (even making it instant by selecting 0).

By clicking any of the effects, the user may select to choose a new one for that position or edit the current one.

Being able to configure the hotkey for that ping (discarding the need of selecting it through the window) and altering the signal text that is going to be sent upon pinging.

Through the party channel, players may see to which direction the ping has been casted on.

The party leader may change the ping options by accessing the window through the self click menu. This menu allows the party leader to configure who will be able to ping in the party.

Staff members pings are seen by everyone, regardless of being in a party or not. They may not be ignored, not even by disabling party-mate pings in the options,


Item Hover Information

Hovering over items will trigger a window to appear, containing information about the item. This window may be disabled on the client options if the player want to opt for the old way (it is enabled by default).

This window provide more information about the item than the current inspection,

Cosmetic information, such as bonus and whether or not the player has it.

The percentage of each rolled gem.

Loot and chance of boxes.

Information about the bonus and level bonus increase on artifacts.

Activation Effects on trinkets.

As well as regular information.


Revamped Spellbook


Survey System - Be Apart of Changing Archlight

Staff member will be able to dynamically create a survey for a certain period of time, on which every player that is online or logs in while it's active will be able to partake. By voting, the player will receive a Dungeon Charge Token, and every week, any player that has partaken on a survey at any point of the week has a chance of getting 5 Cosmetic Tokens!


New Internally Hosted, Designed & Updated Wiki!

Miscellaneous Changes

Players will start the game with Prismatic equipment.

Snow Globe is now consumable. It holds the same bonus as the trinket.

Fighter Emblem's mana healing has been doubled.

 Updated description of several items and spells to provide better information of percentage/value.

Voodoo and Heroes equipment have been added to Beginner's Mimic.

NPC Vyktor has been added to the Stronghold, being now responsible for specialization swapping and prestige.

Training will now grant 1 Training Token every 30 minutes. Tokens can be exchanged with Eloria, at the Stronghold.

The training progress is saved every minute, this way players don't need to train for 30 minutes straight.

A few items from crates have had its weight removed, to avoid inconvenience upon opening crates at level 20.

Added two new commands where you can see when new drops are coming and what will be dropped in the next one. The system shows for each of the merged accounts individually and calculates the total for you.

The commands are !drops and !nextdrop

OBS: The merged legacy accounts will receive the same amount of points, heirloom points and promotion tokens they used to give, but now you don't need to worry on logging into multiple accounts anymore.

Spell Damage from Inferno Gems will no longer scale the damage of Soul Runes.

Added creature animations, a system that enable monsters to animate during fights turning mechanics from ordinary to extraordinary ones!

Improved response from Underlings and other summons that runs against a target.

Forgemaster weapons will now be required for starting the Olympus weapons quest.

Improved custom meters implementation to work fine with even for out-of-screen creatures.

Class Balances Will Be Announced on May 6th with Character Creation Opening


Patch Notes January 12th 2022

12 January 2022 (18:26) by Archlight Team

Patch Notes January 12th 2022 

Fixes & Changes

- Equipments will now be unequipped in case they are not allowed to be equipped. The equipments will go to the player backpack or to the inbox and the player will be notified if/when that occurs.

- Fixed Gunslinger clones still hitting even when disarmed.

- Fixed an issue in combat that could cause a crash.

- Fixed an issue where animated text was not being shown on the correct dimension in some cases.


- Fixed The Executor NPC reseting the dialog when the player denies a task/quest.

- Olympus Weapons quest line will now only be triggered on the NPCs if player's vocation is compatible.

- Upon equipping an item with an Olympus Bonus which is already being used by any other equipment and they don't stack, the player will receive a message saying so.

- Fixed an issue where players were being teleported to the lever position on the West Quest of Council of Marius, being able to get stuck.

- We have done a large rework on the Gunslinger clone system - This is to solve some underlying lag issues that Gunslingers are causing (especially in the last week as many have noticed) 

- Clones now stack with each other up to 4 times;

- Clone attacks will be increased according to the amount of clones;

- You can have up to 3 stacks of clones (each having 4 clones) having a total of 12 clones (which is the same amount it currently has).

- Their combat calls will be joined in order to save performance, so instead of dealing a hit for each clone, it will now join all clones hits into a single one, so in practical terms, you will only be able to see 2 server log entries, the player hit and the clones hit (which will be the sum of all the clone attacks together).


New post-Olympus Dimensional Hunts

- All the new hunts are situated on the spawns of cherry blossom village;

- Each spawn has it's own unique pro's and con's, some giving more experience, others more loot. Some of the spawns are intended to be easier mobs due to its high density and others have higher amounts of health for an increased combat time, but these spawns also give more experience.

- One of the spawns added is a 3-players party hunt, which will offer stronger mobs and but also better rewards.

- In these hunts the drop chance of Olympus Amulet and Olympus Ring are up to 25% higher.


New Things Coming

One is we are improving the report & suggestion in-game function to allow for better tracked feedback, instead of discord DMs/mentions being lost or forgotten. Instead all will be documented and tracked on our teams Trello to make sure none are lost or forgotten.

We are also adding an in-game voting system that will also reward those who vote. We have certain limitations in place to avoid abuse of these rewards. This will allow the community to better give their input on design changes we are looking to do or new things to implement. We have done that now with the Ildar / Dracona Merge, the Prestige System, as well as the Christmas Items for Coins. 

Having these kind of polls is very valuable to us to hear from the entire community, not just those who speak the loudest/type in all caps. Once fully implemented, our plan is to greenlight ideas that we receive in the in-game suggestion system, and by greenlighting them they will be added as a poll option to be voted on by the community, giving the community more input on future development ideas and changes.