Legacy Character Creation

13 March 2023 (17:48) by Archlight Team

Character Creation for Legacy Fresh Start is NOW OPEN!


New Legacy Season

12 March 2023 (21:08) by Archlight Team


Fresh Start Legacy Season Starts:

March 18th - 10:00am Pacific Time | 1:00pm Eastern Time | 14:00 BRT | 18:00 CEST


Character Creation Opens:  

March 13th - 10:00am Pacific Time | 1:00pm Eastern Time | 14:00 BRT | 18:00 CEST


Minerva’s Uprising

This new content takes place between Forgotten Islands and Olympus. Charon The Ferryman will now grant access to the Minerva’s Uprising content, while the Minerva’s Uprising content will grant access to Olympus.

It brings new spawn areas for players to hunt, including their darkness version which only requires completing their master’s task to access. Each area is themed after each faction: Arcane and Corruption. There are two spawns for each faction.

Players may choose 1 of the 4 Wizards as their Master. The Wizard teaches their apprentice their respective spell, which can have their tier increased by completing tasks for the Wizard. Each spell tier allows the player to pick 1 of the available effects of that tier. On a fully maximized spell, players can have up to 3 unique effects to their base spell.



On tier 1, players can choose 1 from 4 effects.

On tier 2, players can choose 1 from 3 effects.

On tier 3, players can choose 1 from 2 effects.


All spells have 30 seconds base cooldown, which may only be reduced by owning the specific Wizard’s Backpack. Regular Cooldown Reduction doesn’t affect these spells.

Each Wizard has a faction, whether Arcane or Tainted. Pick wisely, there will be consequences. Arcane players may not hit Arcane creatures and Tainted players may not hit corrupted creatures. Therefore, they may only hunt on spawns of the opposite faction. 


Corruption Leak


Players from the Tainted faction may unleash the Corruption by completing a World Event Mission. Once the corruption is leaking, Minerva rises for 15 minutes.

Players from the Arcane Faction must defeat Minerva within the set time to contain the corruption for 12 hours straight, which may not be unleashed again during that time. Players from the Tainted Faction must help Minerva, by killing players from the Arcane Faction trying to defeat her.

The World Event area is PvP enforced, so deaths inside don’t count as real ones. Players may type !corruptionLeak to check the cooldown to when the corruption may be unleashed again.

The winning faction receives special rewards!

While Corruption leaks, players from the Tainted Faction benefit from +10% experience and +10% damage against monsters. Players from the Arcane Faction benefit from the same bonuses, but only when the corruption is contained.

Zaqor’s Tower

This will be a weekly content. It needs to be unlocked once, by completing a specific task that your Wizard Master requests.

It's accessible through the Wizard's Fortress, at Zaqor's Chamber. It is a solo content, in which players must complete all floors and at last, defeat Zaqor.

There's a leaderboard to follow who's ahead on floors. If multiple players complete the last floor, the leaderboard will sort them out according to who completed it less time.

The top players on the leaderboard will receive special rewards at the end of the week. The leaderboard resets every saturday at daily rollover (from friday to saturday), which is when the rewards from the previous week will be delivered.

There are 30 floors, every 5 floors there's a boss, which is random and the difficulty depends on the floor. The 4 floors before the boss will also be random, amongst a few options. Rewards are random and get stronger according to the floor.

Each week there's a different set of floors. It will be the same order and difficulty to everyone, changing weekly. The last floor is always the boss fight against Zaqor, which also has a fixed reward.

Through a UI, players will be able to see the reward of each floor of that week. Completing a floor grants its reward instantaneously.

Players may enter the tower for free 15 times a week. If they wish to try more times, a Zaqor's Tower Entrance is required.

An entry is only consumed when a player fails a floor.



Here’s a list of the possible challenges players can face:


Regular floors may be:



Wave of random creatures




Kill the correct creature


Boss floors may be:

World Boss, Quest Boss or Raid Boss


The Wizard Council



Zaqor is the oldest member of all. He once was the most powerful wizard to have ever existed, but has become weaker overtime due to his age.

Magic Specialist: elements (healing/support/utility oriented).

Faction: Arcane.


Wizard Spell: Zaqor’s Wisdom

Base Spell

Allies within 4 tiles of distance become immune to damage for 2 seconds, as well as cleansing them.


Tier 1

Fading Power

No longer make allies immune to damage, instead, increase their resistance by 30% for 5 seconds.


Magical Boost

Increase the movement speed of allies affected by +20% for the duration.



Heals for 5% of each ally's maximum health.


Natural Barrier

Add a shield to each ally for 20% of the caster's maximum amount of resources (health or mana) for the duration.


Tier 2

Natural Protection

Turn allies unstoppable for the duration.


Magical Thorns

Deals 54 base damage in a 1x1 square area every 750ms. Casts 4 times.



Ranged enemies within a 5x5 circle area become melee for 8 seconds.


Tier 3


Spells casted by allies within 8 seconds will have 30% less cooldown.


Natural Disaster

Reduces the healing from enemies within 4 tiles of distance by 25% for 4 seconds.



The newest member of all, highly inspired by Zaqor, which trains him very strictly.

Magic Specialist: elements (damage/protection oriented).

Faction: Arcane.


Wizard Spell: Azax's Zeal


Base Spell

Casts a rock towards the target, dealing damage in a 2x2 circle area at the target's position while receiving a shield for 10% of your maximum resource (health or mana) for 5 seconds.


Tier 1


Increases the caster's resistance by 20% for 3 seconds.



Damage enemies in a 2x2 circle area around the caster as well.


Impact Point

Player enemies hit will receive 5% of their maximum resources (health or mana) as true damage on top of the base spell's damage.



Instead of one instantaneous hit, it will now throw smaller rocks every 250ms up to 4 times, for 30% of the original damage per hit.


Tier 2


Stuns enemies hit for 2 seconds.



Pulls enemies within a 3x3 circle area towards the target's position.


Rolling Stone

It now pushes enemies between the caster and the target towards the target's position.


Tier 3


Increase the damage by 50% and the area to a 5x5 circle, but no longer provides shield. It now has a 2 seconds delay to deal damage.


Earth Protection

Shield percentage increased to 25%, as well as also applying it to allies within 6 tiles of range.



Oxon is Minerva's brother. The Wizard Council has lost trust over Oxon due to the actions of his sister. He chose to leave the Wizard Council after his sister was outcasted.

Magic Specialist: wizardry (damage/utility oriented).

Faction: Tainted.


Wizard Spell: Oxon's Loyalty

Base Spell

Shoots a lightning towards the target direction, dealing damage to them and forming a circle of lightning bolts in between. The circle's size relates to the distance from the caster to the target.


Tier 1

Inspiring Lightning

Allies hit by the circle of lightning bolts deal +10% damage for 3 seconds.


Powerful Strike

Enemies hit are stunned for 2 seconds.


Burning Bolt

Enemies hit receive 5% more damage for 5 seconds.



Deals +50% more damage, but reduces the range by 2 tiles of distance.


Tier 2


Increase damage by +20%.



Increases casting range by +1 tiles of distance.



Lightning bolts will be casted around the caster. Enemies hit by these lightning bolts receive the same conditions as the area of effect ones.


Tier 3


After 500ms, casts another lightning dealing the same base damage towards the target.



The area of effect from lightning bolts to fall is now centered towards the caster instead of between the caster and the target. Damage increased by +30% and range reduced by 2 tiles of distance.



Minerva, the outcast. She was exiled for consuming a forbidden source of power: the darkness. She unleashed corruption into the Archlight's World.

Magic Specialist: darkness (damage/debuff oriented).

Faction: Tainted.


Wizard Spell: Minerva's Corruption

Base Spell

Deals damage in a 1x1 square area, growing every 300ms until reaching a 3x3 circle area, slowing enemies hit by 10% for 2 seconds.


Tier 1

Darkness Shield

Become unstoppable for 3 seconds.



Deal 25% more damage if enemies hit are below 20% health.



Enemies hit receive 20% less healing for 4 seconds. Both self healing and healing from allies.



Enemies hit receive 10% more damage from the caster for 8 seconds.


Tier 2


Make enemies hit confused for 2 seconds.



Apply a damage-over-time for 10% of the original spell damage, which hits every second for 5 seconds.


Event Horizon

Hit once more after 500ms, dealing 20% of the original spell damage.


Tier 3

Black Hole

Starting off a 8x8 circle area, pulls all enemies hit towards the caster, turning them into melee for 10 seconds.


Darkness Explosion

Grows its area of effect into a 5x5 circle area, dealing +20% damage and stunning enemies hit for 2 seconds.


Guild System Changes

Miscellaneous Changes

Removed Guild Perks and Guild Member Slots from the Store.

Base number of members increased from 15 to 20.

The Guild Halls from Archlight City have been disabled.

Gathering Island removed.

Guild Wars has been removed for this season. Based on players feedback, we came to the conclusion that the Guild Wars system was not very much used. Instead of refactoring it for this season, we decided to fully remove it for now. In the next season, a different kind of Guild Wars will be implemented, completely different from the former one. Its design is already being discussed internally.

The Guild System is now fully managed in-game. It’s no longer a hybrid between the website and in-game.

Guild Lorial and Guild Tasker have been removed for this season.

Royal Feather is now a Guild Currency and may be donated at any time of the season. More information about this below.

To enter Guild Ritual Lord, the Guild Dueling Arena plot is required. More information about it down below.


Guild Islands

Costs/prices displayed on the GIFs/images are just placeholders. Values and materials as a whole may still be changed.



Players are able to send an expedition through the UI to look for different Guild Islands. There are a total of 6 Guild Islands.

There are 3 Small Islands (Jungle, Snowland and Grassfields), 2 Medium Islands (Desert and Undead Swamp) and 1 Big Island (Clouds).


Snowland (Small)

Desert (Medium)

Clouds (Large)

Every island of the same size has the same usable area and amount of plots, so you can choose whichever you find the coolest. Upon unlocking an island, players may visit it before occupying it, to make sure they like the theme/biome.

If a player's guild has already occupied an island, they still may visit other islands, but may not occupy it.

The first expedition may not fail and will always return with a random small island. This is the only time it has a 100% chance to find an island. In order to find a medium island, the Guild must own a small island. To find a big island, the Guild must own a medium island. The cost of the expedition and the cost of occupying an island is different depending on its size.

Every Guild starts with 1 expedition limit. This amount can be increased up to 5, by spending a certain amount of currency for each limit increase.

Building and upgrading plots yields Guild Island Experience, which increases Guild Island Level.

When a guild claims their first island, it will already have the Guild Hall Tier 1 plot built.

To increase the Guild Hall to Tier 2, the Guild Island Level must be at least 3.

To increase the Guild Hall to Tier 3, the Guild Island Level must be at least 5.

To increase the Guild Hall to Tier 4, the Guild Island Level must be at least 7.

To increase the Guild Hall to Tier 5, the Guild Island Level must be at least 10.

To increase the Guild Hall to Tier 6, the Guild Island Level must be at least 15.

Guild Nodes rooms are unlocked at Guild Island Level 2 and 4, respectively.



Plots are fixed spaces on the Guild Island and may hold different buildings, depending on the plot and building size. You can decide which plot will hold which building, allowing full Guild Island customization. Each building has its own Building Time.

Players may speed up the Building Time by using a Construction Booster. Each Construction Booster speeds up the Building Time by one hour.

Note that the construction time displayed on the images are placeholders.

To occupy a plot, the Guild Leader must click on the plus sign on the UI. Each color of the plus sign indicates the plot size

[6x6] Cyan 

[8x8] Green 

[16x16] Orange

[32x25] Purple 


Here’s a list of plots that each island size has to offer:


[4] 6x6 plots

[6] 8x8 plots

[2] 16x16 plots;

[1] 32x25 plot



[6] 6x6 plots

[8] 8x8 plots

[3] 16x16 plots

[1] 32x25 plot



[10] 6x6 plots

[12] 8x8 plots

[5] 16x16 plots

[1] 32x25 plot


The 32x25 plot is specific for the Guild Hall. The Guild Hall itself has 8x8 plots inside of it and more is added upon upgrading its tier.



6x6 plots


Small Farming Plot

You can build as many Small Farming Plots as you wish. Each plot has 1 quadrant that can be used for planting, which can grow one specific seed or animal. Using the watering can on the trough of water, players can water all of their crops at once. Also, through a blessing ankh, guild members can bless the crops, allowing them to grow faster.


A blessed crop grows 1% faster per player blessing. That is, if 10 members bless a crop, it will grow 10% faster. Each tier increases the maximum number of members that can bless the crops.


NPC Buildings

Players may assign a certain NPC (within a set list) to be inside this plot. Increasing this plot’s tier doesn’t apply any sort of bonus or advantage, it’s only added for Guild Island Experience, better looks and to fit a more structured Guild Island.


8x8 plots



This is the first building to be built. Members can store their materials inside the Warehouse, in order to be used to build other buildings. Increasing Warehouse tier increases the amount of contribution points members get.


Farming Plot

It has the same functionality as the Small Farming Plot, just in a slightly bigger area. There's no limit of how many of these can be built.


Guild Siege

Guild Siege entrance is no longer through the depot, it needs to be built to be accessed. More information about it down below under “Guild Siege Revamp”.


Guild Store

Similar to the Peddler, the Guild Store has a rotation of items available to be purchased everyday. Higher the plot tier, higher the quality of the items and amount of items per rotation. It rotates everyday at the server's midnight time.

There’s a limited amount of each product of the rotation that may be purchased per day, which is displayed by the NPC. The currency to purchase the items is called Contribution Points, which is what players get for donating/helping their Guilds. The stock is individual to each guild member.


Mining, Fishing and Woodcutting Plots




The plot is a gate to the actual gathering area. Upon going through the entrance, players will access the area with the profession nodes. Higher building tier, higher number of nodes and faster they spawn.

Note that these plots work the same way, but they are separate plots.


Profession Stations

This plot holds the Profession Station of choice, granting a profession experience bonus. The plot tier increases the amount of experience obtained by each craft (only if used through the island's station).


16x16 plots


 Large Farming Plot

It has the same functionality as the 6x6 and 8x8 Farming Plot, but in a significantly bigger area. The 16x16 can have up to 4 quadrants, which means multiple different types of crops can grow at the same time. Each Guild Island can only have two 16x16 Farming Plot.


Training Area

This area holds a few Training Dummies. It’s an area for Guild Members to test out their new builds or to practice.

In this plot, there will be a chest that can be used daily to obtain some stamina and Training Tokens. Tier 1 yields 30 minutes of stamina and 5 Training Tokens, Tier 2 yields 1 hour of stamina and 8 Training Tokens and Tier 3 yields 2 hours of stamina and 15 Training Tokens.


Guilds Dueling Arena

The plot is a gate that leads to the Guilds Dueling Arena, which is a shared space with all other Guilds that own the plot. This works just like the Dueling Arena. It’s a place to hangout, to test new builds, or to fight. Dying inside the Guild Dueling Arena will teleport the player to the center of the arena.

Building the Guild Dueling Arena plot is now also a requirement to access the Guild Ritual Lord.

Increasing Tiers increases the amount of bags dropped by Guild Ritual Lords depending on the amount of players that joined. Tier 1 increases it by 2% per player, Tier 2 increases it by 3% per player and Tier 3 increases it by 5% per player.


Town Square

This plot yields a percentage of energy boost earned passively (every two hours), which increases per tier. Tier 1 increases it by 50%, Tier 2 increases it by 100% and Tier 3 increases it by 200%.


Guild Hall




The Guild Hall has a specific plot inside the island (32x25).

Increasing the Guild Hall’s Tier passively adds +4 member slots per tier. The Guild Hall’s tier is limited by the island’s size. Small Islands may only build Guild Halls up to tier 3. Medium Islands may build up to tier 5 and the Big Island may build up to the maximum tier: tier 6.


Here’s a list of the amount of 8x8 plots each Guild Hall Tier has:

Tier 1: [2] 8x8 plots.

Tier 2: [4] 8x8 plots.

Tier 3: [6] 8x8 plots.

Tier 4: [9] 8x8 plots.

Tier 5: [12] 8x8 plots.

Tier 6: [16] 8x8 plots.



The perks that used to be on the Store are now plots that must be built. Building a perk passively yields the bonus to all guild members. Higher the plot tier, higher the bonus effectiveness. A new perk has also been added: Upgrade Chance. It increases the chance to upgrade an item.


Here’s the full list of available perks:

Upgrade Chance


Profession Experience






Monster Essence


Other Rooms

Accommodation Rooms

Building the Accommodation Room plot increases the amount of member slots available. Tier 1 unlocks +1 member slot, Tier 2 unlocks +1 member slot and Tier 3 unlocks +2 member slots. That is, a fully upgraded Accommodation Room grants +4 members. There is no limit of how many Accommodation Rooms can be built.

Accommodation Rooms also have beds, which can be used daily by each player to receive energy. Tier 1 grants 50, Tier 2 grants 100 and Tier 3 grants 200 energy per room.


Special Rooms

The Tier 4 Guild Hall unlocks the Dining Room. The Tier 5 Guild Hall unlocks the Throne Room. These are two special rooms that can be built and do not consume any of your 8x8 plots.


Throne Room

This room increases the effectiveness of your perks. Tier 1 increases it by 10%, Tier 2 increases it by 25% and Tier 3 increases it by 50%.


Dining Room

This room increases the effectiveness from member’s consumed food bonuses. Tier 1 increases it by 10%, Tier 2 increases it by 25% and Tier 3 increases it by 50%. This bonus must be collected daily on the room.


Functionality/UI Changes


The UI has been completely renewed. It brings a ton of Quality of Life changes, it’s now more intuitive and more sophisticated. Players may now create Guilds (which now costs 3kk Gold). An image may be uploaded from their computer to be used as the Guild Logo in-game. The first logo is free of charge.

The first player that joins the Guild (other than the founder) will be assigned as the Vice Leader. The Vice Leader has the same permissions as the Guild Leader, in case a Guild Leader becomes absent, the Guild can still progress.

Guild Donations can now be done through the UI, from any part of the Archlight World. Members can now donate Gold, Archlight Tokens, Royal Feathers and Living Archlight Tokens to the Guild.

The Guild Leader and Vice Leader may control other rank’s permissions through the Guild Management UI. This means that each rank can have one or more assigned permissions, allowing full customization. Up to 20 ranks can be created, there's no limit of how many permissions each can have. Rank permissions can be edited after the rank's creation. Here’s a list of the current permissions:

Edit Description



Rank Assignment

Rank Management

Plots Management

Siege Management

Logs Management

Expedition Management

Farm Management

Update Guild Settings


A rank must have an assigned level. Ranks of lower level may not command order of higher level. For example, if a rank has the Rank Assignment permission, the rank of lower level may not assign a different rank to a rank of higher level.

Ranks now also have “Representation Colors” for easier and quicker identification under the Guildmates tab.

Any rank can be set as Default, so every new member that joins the Guild will have the Default rank assigned automatically. 

A new tab called “Logs” has been added. Members with permission can alter what kind of Logs will be registered. These logs register member activity, displaying to the entire Guild (through the channel and UI). The logs are:

Reaching Awakening Level


PvP Death

PvE Death


Winning a race

Starting Expedition

Abandoning Expedition

Claiming Island

Building a plot

Any settings change


Members with permission can invite, kick, accept or decline applications and revoke pending invitations.

Players will now receive a notification when invited to a Guild.


Guild Contribution

Members get contribution points for donating Gold, Archlight Tokens, Living Archlight Tokens, warehouse materials and completing Guild Ritual Lord.


Guild Siege Revamp


Miscellaneous Changes

As mentioned previously, Guild Siege’s entrance is no longer through the depot, it needs to be built in the Guild Island to be accessed. 

After the 5th day from launch, players will be able to enter the Guild Siege through the plot. Its access is now allowed all day long, it’s no longer an event that only happens on Saturdays. The 5 days limitation was added so all Guilds have a breathing room to build the Guild Siege plot, since entering it alone would result in great advantage.

The Guild Siege area will now be an area of dominance, where Guilds have to claim the statues to themselves, granting a unique bonus. Once a Guild has claimed a statue, it may not be claimed by another Guild for 12 hours. After this period, any Guild can claim the statue for themselves.

Once the statue has been claimed, the Guild who had their statue "stolen" have 15 minutes to claim back their statue before the 12 hour timer starts for the Claiming Guild. To claim the statue, simply use it, no need to attack it anymore. The Defending Guild may only claim back their statue if no member of the Stealing Guild is within a set amount of tiles, which is displayed on the ground.

Each statue grants a unique bonus. There are 13 statues. Statues with the same bonus do stack.

Dying inside the Siege area teleports the player to a random graveyard, on which they may not exit for 5 minutes. A totem was added to graveyards, using it allow the player to select a graveyard to teleport to. This way, they can gather up with their team.

Wings are now awarded according to how many statues a Guild owns.

Monster spawns have been removed.

Players no longer receive Defenses passively while inside (fences, kegs and ballistas). The Siege Defenses from Woodworking are now purely decorative.



Siege Token (2 statues have this bonus)

Every 12 hours, every member of the guild receives a Siege Token.


Darkness Shard Chance

Receives +10% chance to drop a Darkness Shard.


Additional Dungeon/Quest Box Chance

Receives +10% chance to receive an extra Dungeon/Quest Box.


Zaqor's Tower Attempts

Every 12 hours, every member receives 2 free attempts at Zaqor's Tower.


Energy Reduction

Reduces the amount of energy spent by 10%.


Gathering Profession Experience

Receives +10% Gathering Profession Experience.


Crafting Profession Experience

Receives +10% Crafting Profession Experience.



Receives +10% Experience.


Monster Essence Chance

Receives +10% Monster Essence Chance.


Loot Chance

Receives +10% Loot Chance.


Gold Drop

Receives +10% Gold Drop.


Reduced Death Penalty

Death Penalty is reduced by 25%.



Physical Defenses

Using a special item near the Siege Entrance (inside the Siege Plot), players with the necessary permission are able to purchase defenses. These players will also receive a Siege Defense Manager Token to manage defenses.

Here's a list of the Physical Defenses to be purchased.



Place a Ballista that will deal a base damage of 100000 every second to enemies within 10 tiles of distance. This defense's damage and health gets higher with higher Siege Plot tiers.



This trap is only visible to Guild Members. If an enemy steps on it, they will receive 20% base of their maximum resources as true damage. This trap's damage gets higher with higher Siege Plot tiers.


Spike Trap

This trap is only visible to Guild Members. If an enemy steps on it, they will receive 50% base of their maximum resources as true damage. This trap's damage gets higher with higher Siege Plot tiers.


Fire Trap

This trap is only visible to Guild Members. If an enemy steps on it, a random amount (up to 5) barrels will spawn. They explode after 3 seconds, dealing 400000 base damage. The big barrel deals double damage. This trap's damage gets higher with higher Siege Plot tiers.


Ice Trap

This trap is only visible to Guild Members. If an enemy steps on it, all enemies within a 2x2 circle area will be frozen for a starting duration of 2 seconds. This trap's duration is increased with higher Siege Plot tiers.


Binding Trap

This trap is only visible to Guild Members. If an enemy steps on it, it will not be able to move for a base duration of 2 seconds. This trap's duration is increased with higher Siege Plot tiers.



Place a fence that has a base of 1000000 health, blocking enemies' path. This defense's health gets higher with higher Siege Plot tiers.


Statue Defensive Spells

Using a statue without any bonus, a member with the required permission can purchase or apply a defensive spell to the statue.

Here's a list of the possible Statue Defensive Spells to be purchased:



Apply 20% paralyze to enemies within 5 tiles of distance from the statue.


Reduce Attack Speed

Reduce the attack speed by 12% from enemies within 5 tiles of distance from the statue.


Cooldown Increase

Increase cooldown by 12% from enemies within 5 tiles of distance from the statue.


Reduce Auto Attack Damage

Reduce the auto attack damage by 5% from enemies within 5 tiles of distance from the statue.


Reduce Spell Damage

Reduce the spell damage by 5% from enemies within 5 tiles of distance from the statue.


Overtime Damage

Deals 60000 true damage every 3 seconds to enemies within 5 tiles of distance from the statue.


Overtime Healing

Heals 45000 every 3 seconds to allies within 5 tiles of distance from the statue.



Reflect 5% of the damage received from allies back to the player who caused it if both players are within 5 tiles of distance from the statue.


Area Damage

Deals 120000 true damage every 5 seconds in a 2x2 circle area.


UI Changes

A new tab called Siege has been added to the Guild Window. The Statues tab shows all statues information: their name, the owning guild (if any), the bonus and their location (through a minimap inserted on the Guild Window). Members also have the option to only display the statues their Guild owns, for better visualization. If the statue’s bonus is timed, the timer for how long it’s going to take for the bonus to be triggered will be displayed on this tab.

The Defenses tab shows all of the possible defenses, as well as your Guild’s current defenses, their position, the available amount on the Guild’s Inventory and how many can be placed.



Players can have two active Glyphs simultaneously. Glyphs functionalities will be accessible through a UI, at the top-right bar. Once a Glyph is consumed, it will be shown at the Glyphs UI, which may be selected to be active.


Glyph Tokens


Killing Lloyd the Cook grants 25 Glyph Tokens to each player.

Killing Archangel or Bialzhar grants 15 Glyph Tokens to each player.

Killing a Ramparts Boss grants 3 Glyph Tokens to each player.

Killing a boss on Arena of Champions grants 2 Glyph Tokens to each player.

ArchPass grants a total of 408 Glyph Tokens throughout all 100 levels.

Glyph Tokens have been added to the Progression Token Exchanger for 3 Progression Tokens and to the Loyalty Token Exchanger for 1 Loyalty Coin.

Completing a Daily Profession Missions grants 2 Glyph Token.

Completing 15 Story Quests grants 50 Glyph Tokens.


Slaying Raid and World Bosses


Grants 20 Glyph Tokens.



Grants 25 Glyph Tokens.



Grants 30 Glyph Tokens.


World Bosses

Grants 5 Glyph Tokens.



A rare chance of dropping a Glyph Token from a monster while carrying Victor's Axe.


Dungeons and Quests

Completing a level 100 Sigil Dungeon grants 250 Glyph Tokens. Once per reset.



Has a small chance of dropping a Glyph Token from any monster inside. Stronger the monster, higher the chance.



A rare chance of dropping Glyph Tokens from the rucksack.


Daily Tokens

1 Daily Token per Glyph Token.



2 Glyph Tokens per event.


Zaqor's Tower

Finishing the tower yields 100 Glyph Tokens. This is a one time only reward.



Through the NPC Ginger, at the Stronghold, players may sacrifice 100 Glyph Tokens for a Glyph of their choosing, but of random rarity. They also must sacrifice 100 Archlight Tokens and 5kk Gold.

Players may recycle their Glyphs through the same NPC. Each Glyph rarity yields a different amount of Glyph Tokens back:


Symbolic - 20

Ancient - 50

Relic - 100

Mystical - 200

Artifact - 300



There are 5 Glyph rarities:

Symbolic (no color)

Ancient (blue)

Relic (purple)

Mystical (orange)

Artifact (red)


Glyphs Bonuses

Close Combat

Any damage dealt against a ranged monster will turn them into melee. Damage against monsters (PvE) increases depending on the rarity. Only works for melee vocations, doesn't work against bosses.


Legendary Burst

Upon casting your legendary spell, a burst of flames appears on top of your character, dealing a base damage based on the rarity in a 5x5 circle area.


Healing Downfall

Everytime a healing spell is casted, a lightning bolt falls from the sky, dealing damage based on the rarity to enemies within melee range from the caster.



Killing a creature heals a percentage of your maximum health/mana. Health percentage and cooldown depends on the rarity.


Rough Skin

Upon receiving any kind of crowd control, becomes unstoppable and cleanses the player. Duration and cooldown depends on the rarity.



It has a chance to re-cast the last casted Attack ability after a certain amount of delay. Doesn't include legendary spells. Chance, delay and cooldown depends on the rarity.



Completely avoids an attack and becomes invulnerable, if the damage is higher than 10% of your maximum resources (health or mana). Duration and cooldown depends on the rarity.


Ricocheted Speed

Increases the damage from any "bounce" ability depending on the rarity.



Increases the damage from any "spin" ability depending on the rarity.



Increases the damage from any "random tiles" ability depending on the rarity.


Forgotten Soul Runes

The Tier 1 Soul Rune has been renamed to Classic Soul Rune. The Forgotten Soul Rune is the former Tier 2, which is obtained the same way: through the Forgotten Island NPC, purchased with Forgotten Gold.

The Awakening Spell Effects are only applied to the Classic Soul Rune.

The Classic and the Forgotten Soul Rune have different cooldowns.

A new slot to the Forgotten Soul Rune has been added to bot.

Upgrading the Forgotten Soul Rune’s level increases its effectiveness.



Upon cast, prepare a flurry of arrows. After 2 seconds, the selected area of a 3x3 circle will receive devastating damage, which comes in waves of damage every second for 5 seconds.



Deals damage in a 4x4 circle area, hitting every second for 6 seconds, while cleansing allies.



This Soul Rune is a passive. Once received a fatal hit, the user will be unable to die for 1 second and heals 10% of maximum health.



Summon a cannon on the position selected, which is invulnerable and single target attacks the user's target. Every 1 second, the cannon casts an AoE ability dealing damage. It shoots 6 times. If the player’s target is unreachable by the cannon, it will attack a random enemy within its range.


Death Knight

May only be casted on self. For 3 seconds, the user may not attack or move, but it becomes invulnerable for the duration while 50% of the damage avoided will be converted into healing to nearby allies, which doesn't include the Death Knight.



Pulls towards the selected position every enemy in a 3x3 circle area, dealing damage and freezing them for 2 seconds.



Taunt all enemies within 10 tiles of distance, turning them into melee for 10 seconds, while pulling towards the caster every enemy in a 5x5 circle area, dealing damage and 75% paralyze for 3 seconds. Pulling and forced melee only works against monsters (PvE).



May only be casted on self. Executes a flurry of shots which hits enemies 8 times, dealing AoE damage every 400ms.



May only be casted on self. Executes a cyclone-like ability which pulls every enemy within a 4x4 circle area, turning them into melee for 10 seconds, dealing damage.



When cast on self, the Necromancer drowns in corrupting power and transforms into a Lich for 6 seconds. Poison falls from the sky poisoning all enemies within a 3x3 circle area, dealing damage and reducing their movement speed by 20% every second. If the target is an enemy player, their resistance will be reduced by 20% and the poison AoE is converted to a single target damage against the target, hitting for the same amount of time and damage.



Creates a clone and forces the target to attack it, while the user becomes invisible for 1.5 seconds. The user may still be attacked by AoE hits, but may not be targeted. Attacking cancels the invisibility.



Becomes invulnerable and invisible for 3 seconds while attacking in a 5x5 circle area every 500ms, dealing damage. While casting this ability, the user may not attack or move.



Creates a mirage on the targeted position, or nearby the target (if any).

The mirage taunts enemies within 5 tiles of distance, while casting Rage of the Skies upon appearing and again 5 seconds after that, upon disappearing.

Enemies within the range of the taunt will receive 70% paralyze for 3 seconds.

The taunt doesn't work against bosses.



Summon a Temporary Gorilla for 3 seconds on the selected position, which obey commands as if they are a regularly summoned pet.


Hunt Balancement

Added Fungal Carniphila to Darkness Hunt.

Treasure Coves monsters have had their damage reduced by 20%.

Overall Archlight Tokens amount dropped from Monster Essences has been reduced by 10% for regular monsters.

Overall Archlight Tokens and Gold amount dropped from Monster Essences has been reduced by 30% for Darkness Monsters.

Darkness Otherworld Creatures: reduced the health multiplier from 11 to 4 and the experience multiplier from 15 to 4.


Vocation Balancement


The Weapon Tier effectiveness has been increased from 0.5 to 0.75 on the Auto Attack Damage formula. This effectively means that Auto Attack Damage has been increased.



The base damage from all spells has been increased by 10%.



Berserker now is a dual wielder. This means they can now wear 2 swords, axes or clubs. To be clear, it doesn’t need to be the same one, that is: they can wear an axe and a sword, for example. It doesn’t need to be 2 axes, 2 swords or 2 clubs.

Smash has received a small revamp

Base Spell: Deals damage in a 4x4 circle area around the caster.

Awakening Effects

Guaranteed Effect: Stuns enemies hit for 2 seconds.

Flare of Nourishment: Deals +20% damage. If a target is outside of the spell area but within a 8x8 circle area, stones will be thrown at them, dealing +10% damage.

Stone Rain: Increases the area to a 6x6 circle area, making stones fall from the sky towards enemies, dealing damage in a 1x1 square area around each enemy hit.

Bloodthirster: Hitting an enemy that's bleeding heals 0.25% of the caster's maximum health.



Reduced Final Note cooldown from 15 seconds to 13 seconds.

Increased Sound Explosion base damage from 157 to 173.

Increased Lightstorm base damage from 88 to 97 and reduced its cooldown from 16 seconds to 14 seconds.

Increased Final Light base healing from 41 to 51.



Classic Soul Rune damage decreased from 77 to 65.

The base damage from all spells has been decreased by 10%.

Corsair’s Gamble no longer grants an experience bonus. The bonus percentage for being in a party has been reduced from 50% to 25%.

Corsair’s Gamble is no longer triggered by “The Awakening”, since it’s a legendary spell.

Changed Classic Soul Rune’s and Explosive Shot’s damage-over-time damage to be based off the spell’s base damage.


Death Knight

Life Feast base healing increased from 38 to 43.

Death Threat base damage increased from 65 to 72.

Expose Nightmares base damage increased from 73 to 80.

Death Lasso base damage decreased from 185 to 172.



Overall damage increased by 15%.

Heaven Artifact: it no longer provides mana healing, it now increases the Merlkin Form’s spell effectiveness.

Hell Artifact: it no longer affects Frost Grenade, it now increases Eternal Winter’s spell damage and makes it add a damage-over-time equivalent for 50% of the spell’s base damage, which hits 3 times.



Guardian no longer wears a grip. It now must wear a sword, axe or club.

Helping Weapon chance to proc increased from 40% to 60%.



Hell Artifact: besides the current slow, the Concussion Shot spell damage has also been increased.



Added Ricochet Enchantment to Claws.

Vocation primary stat changed from Dexterity to Strength.

Monk’s Auto Attack - Call Upon now hits all enemies around within melee range instead of U shape.

Absorbing fire elemental is now triggered on the auto attack instead of time based.

Fixed issue with Channel Spirit bonus disappearing after relogging or changing worlds.



Increased chance to proc Witch’s Cauldron - Touch from 60% to 80%.

Increased Shadowform’s area spell radius from 4 to 6.

Ravenous Fiend’s maximum health increased by 10%.

Reverted the 10% bonus increase to Doomlord Loner’s. Now its damage is simply multiplied by 300%.

Doomlord’s AoE spell proc chance reduced from 100% to 80%.

Fixed an issue where increasing Reaper’s Touch awakening points wouldn’t increase the spell damage.



Heaven Artifact: Clone Jutsu now also explodes in a 3x3 circle area, dealing 54 damage which scales with your primary stat and Artifact Level.

Hell Artifact: no longer affects Reaping, it now increases Fan of Knives’ spell damage, as well as increasing its range by +1 at Artifact Level 10.



Increased chance from Venom Blade - Poisonous Spread from 20% to 35%.

Reduced Hira Shuriken base damage from 167 to 150.

Reduced Venomed Wakasashi base damage from 167 to 125.

Reduced Venomed Wakasashi damage-over-time percentage off of base damage from 40% to 35%.

Auto Attack - Powerful Blade proc chance reduced from 15% to 10%.



Added Arcane Shield and Fire Shield to the Quick Button.

Fixed an issue with Strong Electrical Surge - Even Thicker, where it wasn't properly applying damage.

Infused Energy Beam base damage increased from 100 to 110.

Thunder Shock base damage increased from 333 to 383.

Eruption base damage decreased from 145 to 130.

Destruction base damage decreased from 155 to 140.



Reduced spell damage from Wolf by 75%.

Increased Wolf’s Auto Attack interval from 1000 to 1300.

Increased all pets' health by 10%.


Overall Changes and Quality of Life


Added information to profession tool's description.

Added !races command with information from each race.

Added Darkness Shard to Darkness Otherworld monsters.

Reduced the amount of Darkness Shards required to craft each Darkness Stone by half.

Added the command !summonWalk. It toggles between having your summons following you or standing still.

Added the command !summonMove. Once executed, it triggers a “crosshair” option on your cursor. Clicking on a position will command your summon to walk to that position. You can only command to a position the player can see. This command still works while !summonWalk command is active.

Added protection upon joining Raids. It’s similar to Prison’s/Wargate’s, where the player needs to move/attack to be targetable.

Raids will now also broadcast every player who has received a reward. This also includes the top scoring player who has received the biggest prize. A message will also be sent to discord’s raid channel.

Forgemaster Heavysword and Forgemaster Hammer have been added.

Added an icon showing active bonuses to the profession stations.

Fixed issue with Woodworking bonuses. It wasn’t considering inventory bonuses for crafting experience, such as Craftsman Backpack.

Added two extra brackets on bounties for stronger creatures, from 7-8k power and 8-10k power.

Added a Search Bar to the Bounty System. Players can spend 30 Bounty Cards to cherry pick which creature they want to set. 


Healing will be blocked at Wargates if there's a challenger when the boss dies. Now the portal only allows entering in if there's one player inside.

Added shaders to items of different rarities, such as Dark Gems.

Marijuana Experience Boost increased from 10% to 20%.

A message has been added upon logging in while a reboot warning.

A screen notification has been added to when a survey is submitted.

Players may now sell 1 Archlight Token for 1% of the current experience that 1 Gold Currency Ingot yields.

Notification rewards have been slightly changed: it yields 4 Polishing Oils instead of 5 and now yields 6 gems/keys instead of 5.

Loot Slimes large prize pools will now be added to players inside a backpack.

The power granted by awakening levels is now based on your highest achieved awakening level. That means that players will no longer lose power from Awakening Levels upon Prestiging.

An item has been added to depot +1 to fuse Secret Maps.

Updated command list.

Arena of Champions has had its boss’ health/strength multipliers increased. Attack increased by 2.5x and health increased by 10x. They were very low before, even lower than some regular monsters.

Since less vocations use grips now, the values for grips to drop in Darksteel and Iceforged boxes have been adjusted.


Health Bar Color

To better identify creatures, we’ve added a functionality to change players and summon health bar colors.

You can change any player’s health bar color (only visible to yourself) by right clicking them and selecting “Change Health Bar Color”. A color selection interface will popup, which you can then select what color you want that specific player to have. That can be used to highlight a specific player in a party, or in a fight, for example.

Allies (for example, Party Members) have the default health bar color set to a light blue. Enemies have a default health bar color set to red. This is overridden if you have manually set a color for a specific player.

The same happens to summons: if you're the summon’s master, it will appear as a light green. If the summon’s master is your ally, it will appear as a light blue. If the summon’s master is your enemy, it will appear as red.




Combat Changes

Black Skull players now receive 10% more damage from other players. They will also not get any experience by killing other players.

Black Skulls can now attack any skulled player.

Reduce PvP death experience loss depending on the amount of attackers. That means that if more players are responsible for another player’s death, the experience received by the killers will be lesser, since the experience lost by the player killed is lesser.

Added a Revenge System. Upon killing a player unjustifiably (getting a frag for it), the killed player may claim revenge within 24 hours by killing their murderer without getting frags for it. You can check active revenges by typing !revenge. To check if you have an active revenge against a specific player, type !revenge PLAYER_NAME.

Changing floors now disables casting spells for 2 seconds. Before, it was only applied to attack spells, now it includes all spells. This was done primarily to avoid Stair Hopping, which was possible since healing spells could still be casted. To be clear, gems still work right away.



Base Gold cost reduced from 100kk to 80kk.

Base Archlight Tokens cost reduced from 2000 to 1600.

Base Dungeon Medals cost reduced from 50 to 40.

Base Awakening Experience Wand cost reduced from 50 to 40.

The amount of awakening levels that will be added on top of the initial formula has been reduced from 50 to 25.

Monster Essence bonus is now additive instead of multiplicative.

Damage and Stat Percent bonus reduced by half.


Forgotten Islands

Exploration Missions now consider any monster from the island instead of several tasks of each unique spawn. The task can be started through an NPC located at the “city zone” of the island.

Removed Martial Arts mission at Blackridge.

Added Raid Boss Dungeon Reset Token for 1000 Forgotten Gold at the shop.


Arch Pass

Removed Donation To The Poor task and NPC.

Added new profession tasks: Gather Ores, Gather Wood, Gather Skin, Gather Farming Resources and Gather Fish. Before, players were forced to collect and donate low level profession materials, so we changed it to gather any kind of the required material. The material is going straight to the player and will not be donated.


Daily Tasks

Removed Test of Skill and Test of Strength. It has been replaced by a Daily Kill Task system which is accessed through UI on the top-right corner. The logic to choose monsters is the same as the Test of Skill/Skill used to be, looking for access and power.

Completing a Daily Task will yield the player experience and a Daily Task Token. A limit of 10 dailies per day may be completed. After the 5th Daily Kill, the player will still receive experience, but no longer will receive Daily Task Tokens. This means that there’s a limit of 5 Daily Task Tokens per day.

Daily Task Tokens may be exchanged with Mr. Bonkers, at the Stronghold. Mr. Bonkers ware includes progression-related items.

To start the tasks, click the button “Start Tasks” on the Daily Tasks UI. The tasks will not be generated before the player clicks this button, which means they can take their time to increase their power throughout the day and only start when they’re ready. This way, they can always have fitting tasks for their power.


Seasonal Tokens

These will be obtainable in-game through events and daily tokens.

These tokens can purchase items from past events, which wouldn't be added otherwise. This NPC doesn’t include anything that was heirloom, only items that were only available at each specific event.


Profession Safari

A ticket is needed to enter it. Tickets can be dropped upon gathering any profession resource. To access the Profession Safari you must talk to the NPC Vista, at the Stronghold.

Inside, there will be mining, fishing and woodcutting nodes. There’s a limited amount of time that players can be around to collect as many resources as they can. The time left is displayed on the screen.

The instances are individual, that is, you won’t find any other players inside.


Outfit Window Revamp

The cosmetics window now displays the cosmetic bonuses. It also now has 6 different tabs, one for each type of cosmetic and one for Presets. The Presets tab displays all the cosmetic configurations players have saved by clicking “Save Preset” under the preview window. This allows for quick switches between your favorite cosmetic combos!

The preview window now displays all selected cosmetics so players can have a better visualization of how their cosmetics setup will look like in-game, instead of separate preview windows to each type of cosmetic.

A search bar was added to facilitate looking for specific cosmetics. It’s also now being displayed in a list form instead of a horizontal bar.

Players can check the cosmetic bonuses and how it looks even if they don’t own it. Of course, they may not actually equip it in-game, but they can preview on the window.

The button to trigger the UI has been renamed from “Set Outfit” to “Manage Cosmetics”. The Toggle Mount, Aura and Wing buttons have been removed, their functionalities may be controlled through the Manage Cosmetics window.


Added Cosmetic Bonuses from Abaldar’s Cross Products

Breezy Garb Outfit

Tier 3 Attack Power


Revenant Outfit

Tier 4 Attack Power


Royal Costume Outfit

Tier 4 Monster Essence


Fleeting Knowledge

Tier 4 Health/Mana


Cunning Hyaena

Tier 3 Health/Mana


Giant Beaver

Tier 3 Health/Mana


Crystalline Corrupted Wings

Tier 4 Monster Essence and Health/Mana


Corrupted Aura

Tier 4 Attack Power and Health/Mana


PvP Trader

Updated prices and cosmetic bonuses. Here’s the list:


Golden Outfit - First Part: 4.5k PvP honor

Tier 4 Health/Mana


Ascending Ferumbras Outfit - 3.5k PvP honor

Tier 3 Attack Power


Ferumbras Soul Splinter Outfit - 3.5k PvP honor

Tier 3 Monster Essence


Energized Raging Mage Outfit - 3.5k PvP honor

Tier 3 Health/Mana


Izcandar Champion of Summer Outfit - 3.5k PvP honor

Tier 3 Monster Essence


Citizen of Issavi Outfit - 3.5k PvP honor

Tier 3 Health/Mana


New Outfits

Adept of the Cult Outfit - 2.5k PvP honor

Tier 2 Health/Mana


Barbarian Brutetamer Outfit - 2.5k PvP honor

Tier 2 Health/Mana


Drowned Outfit - 2.5k PvP honor

Tier 2 Health/Mana


Community Management

We have done multiple internal changes to be more diligent to players in-game activities so we can more rapidly apply punishment to players who are violating rules.

Staff members will receive a warning when a new report has been submitted. This has been primarily done to more quickly check “Rule Violation” scenarios. It includes: discrimination, third party software usage and just overall rule violations that must be checked on the spot for better decision making.

Players may now also report a message by right-clicking it and selecting “Report this message”. This is to prevent players from “editing” images to make fake reports. The system automatically sends the message to our internal system so it can be checked accordingly.

To clarify, a recorded clip is not considered proof since it can be manipulated/edited. Our staff reserve the final decision.

Changelog 9/6/22

07 September 2022 (14:19) by Archlight Team

● Otherworlds Hunts 
- Added Dark Matter on loot. 

● Otherworlds Quest 
- Wraith will now cast the "immortal" mechanic up to 3x its maximum life. 
- Reduced health and AoE damage from Dark Wraith.
 - Reduced health from final boss.
 - Reduced by half the damage from boss' summons.
 - Increased the chance from spawning the Vampire while failing every 30 minutes.

 ● Miscellaneous 
- Fixed an issue where players would appear in a different dimension on the cake event.