Changelog 9/15

16 September 2023 (12:01) by Archlight Team

● Fixed an issue where more Raid Shards were being delivered than intended. We'd like to apologize to all players affected by this. We will monitor if the issue has indeed been completely fixed and when so, we will apply a temporary change to yield 2 shards to all players instead of 1, to keep it the fairness of the game.


●Fixed an issue where there seemed to be double doors on Olympus Medusa Quest.


● Fixed an issue with Gunslinger Thunderbolt Rounds - Outlaw Rounds interaction. It was applying a 2% buff instead of 20%.


●Fixed an issue with Rogue Knife Cascade - Surge Artifact Effect, where it wasn't adding the extra turns to Awakening Effects.


● Fixed an issue with stairs leading to the new floor at Venomed Otherworlds.


● Fixed an issue where Darkness Shard and Dark Matter weren't correctly dropping.


●Fixed teleports at the Darkness Otherworlds Quest.


● Fixed map issues on new Naga spawn.


● Fixed issues with Siege Statues, which weren't correctly losing ownership after the due time.


P.S: We'd like to apologize and clarify the lag issues we've been having lately. We understand how frustrating this is, and we want to assure you that we are fully committed to resolving these problems.

Our development team has been working to address these lag issues by implementing a series of changes and deploying various debugging methods with each reboot. Our primary goal is not only to mitigate the issues but also to pinpoint the root cause behind them.

We've made several optimizations that have completely eliminated the lag from saving and loading players, which was the main source of lag on the last season. However, we have identified that the current lag comes from a different source that was previously masked by these improvements.

Fixing lag is our top priority right now. It's important to note that these issues have proven challenging to reproduce on our test servers, which has contributed to the extended timeline for implementing a fix.

Changelog 9/12

12 September 2023 (15:14) by Archlight Team

● Fixed an issue where Counter Glyph wouldn't work on mana.


 ●Challenges: Fixed an issue where Misty Mountains Quest, Asmogon Dungeon and PokeChess [Evolve] wouldn't work.


 ● We have re-adjusted the requirements to give certain Daily Tasks and Bounties to players.


 ●Fixed the notification message when an achievement/challenge was completed.


 ● Fixed an issue with Hades - Voodoo Skull progression mission.


 ● We have applied changes aiming to address the lag issues.


P.S: We've been working on improving the lag issues and looking into the raid shard issues. The Raids structure is not kind to developers and we intend to fully refactor it for the next season. With it, we will be implementing at least 1 new raid, as well as remaking the current raids with new mechanics and possibly new maps.


Changelog 9/8

08 September 2023 (22:13) by Archlight Team

● Fixed an issue where summons from the Minerva Raid would not be removed on a new raid.


  ● Fixed map issue on corrupted depot [Minerva's Uprising questline].


  ● Fixed issue with Quests - Vampires (Slay Marius) challenge.


  ● Updated description of Wombo - Combo Shot Artifact Effect.


  ● Fixed issue where exit teleports from Raids would not appear on PvP mode.


  ● Fixed issue where players were not getting real deaths as intended at the PvP Mode. They were being mistakenly teleported to Event World's depot.


● Siege Statue - Siege Token bonus now grant 4 Siege Tokens every 12 hours.


The prices of Siege Store NPC have been updated:

● Archlight Key Bag from 1 to 6 Siege Tokens.

● Legendary Key from 2 to 12 Siege Tokens.

● Enchantment Box from 4 to 24 Siege Tokens.

● Crystal Key from 2 to 12 Siege Tokens.

● Mythic Key from 3 to 18 Siege Tokens.

● Ashen Dust Exchange Token from 4 to 24 Siege Tokens.

● Marius Bonus Exchange Token from 2 to 12 Siege Tokens.

● Auto Loot Slot Increase from 3 to 18 Siege Tokens.

● Wargates Daily Threshold Increase Token from 5 to 30 Siege Tokens.